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There are two key elements of our universe. Its majestic beauty is a projection from a single point. The result is the illusion of separation. And this leads to the intimate connection of all things within its vastness. Everything attracts. To us, that is something we feel. It's simply love. Not the kind where we complicate things, just love that is. Consciousness arises from this process as we grow with the ever-expanding universe. And YOU are the intelligence arising from this consciousness of all that is. And it feels good knowing this, doesn't it?


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About the Author

David Bertolacci is the author of Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse and a facilitator of conscious uprising of humankind through transformational books and workshops. Using scientific research combined with intuition, the realm of the unknown enters what is know through channeling universal knowledge. David is a leader in the science of enlightenment and brings to the forefront the meaning—the lessons and gifts—to enrich our lives even further.


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