Debunking the Illusion

A long, long time ago, ancient masters taught the principle of maya – the illusion. The world you see before your eyes is not really what you see. The true reality is not that which can be seen. It is pure consciousness. Just being. Even more writings built upon this principle. Jesus taught people about our perceived separation of ourselves from divinity. He taught that the kingdom of Heaven is within each of us, and we don’t go there – we bring it here! This is a story of how these teachings and other knowledge describe the evolution of consciousness.


In the book entitled A Course in Miracles, the authors published channeled messages from Jesus in the 1970s. Although that sounds controversial, the message here is what is important. This is because it is one of the most eloquent descriptions of consciousness and the perceived separation that dominates our way of thinking today. Before the beginning of the universe, the consciousness is one but creates a separation. Once separation is perceived in this consciousness, the realm of duality begins – good and bad, positive and negative, etc. It is this separation that creates the Big Bang – everything we perceive in this vast universe is a function of it. This is also the creation of the ego – our sense of self or individuality. This sense of being an individual separate from the source is the illusion. We are one, yet we create the universe around us to perpetuate our deep subconscious belief of separateness.

The separation of consciousness and individuality creates a branch of an evolutionary tree. From this branch, the first tree of knowledge is created. In the Bible, this is the tree of good and evil. And elsewhere in the Bible there is a story about separation that presents an excellent analogy. This is the tower of Babel. This is thought to be about an architectural structure. Humankind built a tower as high as possible to get closer to God. But what is is really about is the mental construct of the ego – the framework of the mind that we build to support our beliefs. This is how we build separation from the source! The bigger the tower, the farther we are in perception from God. Be deconstructing this tower in our minds, we can once again realize that the separation was created by our own extension of the universal consciousness. The separation creates the illusion, and knowledge brings us back together with the source! And that’s exactly what the channeled messages spoke of. The separation is not real. we are all one consciousness, just different aspects of it giving us the illusion of individuality and separation.

There was an unintended meaning I found in my description of the Omniverse that mirrors what I’m writing about here. Like the Course in Miracles description, the universe is created when it separates from the source. In Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, I proposed that a singularity separates from the source thus creating the Big Bang. The singularity is the pre-Big Bang particle that is our universe in its entirety, yet small than a quark. I found that although my book is about the creation of the universe, to me it was about our consciousness. The universe is a singularity. Everything is contained within it. EVERYTHING! But it’s the smallest known measurable size compared to other particles we know of. Because it is a single entity, everything in the universe we see is entangled, meaning that each component affects another regardless of time, space, or distance.

Because the singularity is energetically connected to the source, it is in fact, an aspect of the source. The true you is not just a part of the source, but an extension of it. The separation in our minds is like different channels of one consciousness, just like television. We may seem to pick up a narrow bandwidth but we’re not just a single channel. Why? Because a channel is a frequency of a larger broadcast. A frequency of a larger broadcast. The broadcast is our connection to the divine. And the best part is that it’s all within us! That’s the beauty of it all. You are the intelligent divine! Stop telling yourself that you are separate and start designing your life!

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There’s more to the universe than what we know.


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