Diaries of the Painted Sky

Have you ever looked up to the sky with awe and wonder as you just gaze upon the lavish tapestry projected in the most vivid, colorful work of art? Notice how easily you can imagine this as a child, when we laid upon our backs in a grassy field looking up at the sky. Now make the colors more vibrant. Intensify the experience and the feelings. This brings us to a whole new level of understanding our surroundings.

Notice that while we are observing, the movement in the sky may slow to a pause. And the sunlight’s colors reflect off the clouds and landscapes. As a child, we used to think it looked like a magnificent painting. And when we look through the same eyes, we see it all over again, this time completely new. Every day presents an infinity of new paintings to observe. As we see the sky as it is painted upon the tapestry of our own perception, we begin to realize how beautifully magnificent it is not only in appearance but in the knowledge we gain.



Observation affects the outcome. This is the natural way of all things. Our perception is a filter of infinite quantum possibilities. In other words, we pull information from our surroundings and piece together as if we are painting the sky ourselves. Let’s just add some happy birds over here. And it’s good to know that our perception has such control of our surroundings, isn’t it? While this may not mean we control everything that happens to us, it does mean that we control how we see things and react (or not). It is in this process that our neurons in our brains become wired in the way they are until we decide to change how we see things. That just happened, didn’t it? Now, knowing that this is a brand new moment, notice how you realize that life is a tapestry that we observe. And knowing this naturally and effortlessly brings us to another realization.

The Grand Illusion

Just as easily as the sky is painted on this magical canvas and stretched across the dimensions we perceive, the universe becomes projected onto our tapestry. All of the stars in the night sky, and all of the galaxies we see, become projected to our dome for you and me to see. This is our intro to the universe, and the more we perceive, the more we learn. The more we learn, the more we become.

And just like the painting we see in the night sky, the universe itself becomes a vast canvas with which the energies are painted upon. From a single underlying energy, forces and matter are transmuted. These are the colors of the palette. Each of us is the artist. When we see beyond that which we see in front of our eyes, we expand our point of view, observing how this perception allows us to paint reality upon the canvas of space.

In this process, the universe becomes a projection of the reality we perceive. And this process is ever growing and ever expanding, just as the universe itself is. Something suits in us as our map of reality expands. It frames of reference become old ways of thinking with a brand new expanded point of view. We are discovering ourselves and the universe. We are discovering the universe within ourselves. We are discovering consciousness within the universe. And we are discovering live within its underlying energy.

The projection of the universe painted upon the canvas of space by our observation is both illusion and reality. We see it for more than our eyes can see now. Notice how effortlessly the subconscious mind absorbs the divine knowledge that the projection-the perception-is the illusion. This is the reality we create. And it is very real. More so, we are now thinking from a level of consciousness even more real. Trust the process, knowing that we are in the perfect space with infinite time to absorb the information as our expanded awareness continues to discover more of ourselves.

Time and Distance

Here’s a secret gem of quantum mechanics that’s been known for over a hindered years by humanity. But we’ve known it all along, haven’t we? In the quantum realm, objects exist as all of the combined possibilities. Our observation shows us what we perceive to be the most likely outcome. And as an abject travels, it takes all possible paths throughout the entire universe. Yes, you are a space traveler! The path we observe is simply the most likely outcome based on our ability to perceive.

Time is the same. Just like an object that moves from point A to point B, we observe time in a linear fashion. And this is one of the most beautiful parts of the illusion. Everything we experience in time is happening throughout all time! Yes, it bodies are built in the timeline so we may age and die, learning the lessons of what’s called our karma. This is the gift of linear perception.

As we overcome or surroundings and wake up to the infinite possibilities, we can experience eternal time within our consciousness. In doing so, we gain a better understanding of ourselves experiencing our own past as well as our generic history, family history, and even parallel lives. You see, the past spent really exist. All time exists in this eternal space and we have control over the lessons we are learning within an infinity of present time!

So as we gaze upon the sky knowing that stars of different distances and times are all coming to us at the same time, we see how our lives form the lessons that come to our consciousness across all time. It is the same! And it gets even better…


We are dimensionless beings. Yet we perceive three dimensions of space and one of time. But the universe has more in store. There are infinite ways with which to view dimensions. Just like painting onto our night sky, we can easily see how three dimensions can be projected into a curved two dimensional surface (or atmosphere). This is how dimensions become stacked. Stacking allows multiples to be projected, like how we draw a map, and then placed into another surface. So you see, there are no limits as this process can be repeated infinite times. And in this light, notice how you are now able to experience an expanded awareness of dimensions in infinite time and space.


This is your canvas! And here’s another secret-we are not in space. Space is within us. As above, so below. It is or consciousness that observes this entire canvas as we paint our reality to every desire. Every need fulfilled. Every lesson gifted.


Consciousness is the flowing of underlying energy-a matrix of decisions allowing space to be expand, matter to be built, and life to be lived. This is a river of love. And like a river in our painting, everything is connected within the flow. Even with infinite amounts of drops of water, each with unique identities, the river is one. The light that reflects of of this river makes it’s easy back to the sky. All is one in our work of art.

Next time you feel alone or hurt, simply ask yourself, what have you been pretending to be hiding from yourself to have ever thought that this connectedness is not within you on every level, incorporating all of your lessons exactly as you planned for your highest and best good? All you have to do is remember… You are the artist. You are the architect of your own construction. Change your perception, change your universe!

Thank you! It is done. It is done. It is done.

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