What does discovery mean to you?  Remember when you were a child and saw everything for the very first time?  THAT is discovery!  It doesn’t have to be something reserved for the scholars of society or “other people.”  It is your ability to perceive your surroundings and observe the true reality within.  You see, there is more to everything than what we are told.  A biology teacher may tell you about a plant, how it uptakes water from the soil through its roots and how it uses chlorophyll to convert sunlight into energy.  But you discover how beautiful it looks in a serene meadow when you observe it.  Nobody can tell you everything – you must experience it.  This is discovery!


Now, view your life the same way.  Since you were a child, everybody told you what you are made of, where you came from, what you are meant to be, etc.  But your inner beauty is there for you to discover.  You are not constrained by any limits – you are part of something much, much bigger.  Our universe is more than a collection of stars and galaxies.  It is a singularity with every component intimately entangled.  You are not just a part of it.  The entire consciousness of the universe exists within each and every one of us.  It is there for us to awaken to.  For us to discover.  Our discovery is knowledge gained by the universal consciousness.  Our perception felt by the universe as a whole.  Think about the beautiful meadow.  It is every blade of grass, every root, every drop of water, and every single photon of light.  Discovery is realizing that you are something bigger than just what you perceive.

Our mind is typically assumed to be the human brain, but here’s a new twist:  The mind is a field of thought that can exist, and be quantitatively measured outside of one’s head.  Just like the meadow, the mind is not a single plant within it – it is the field encompassing it.  Even in psychology, the concept of mind is thought to be separate of the physical body.  Our body is like a television, and our brain is like a HD connection.  The mind is the broadcast you are receiving that makes you a unique individual.  As one upgrades the channel packages, the mind becomes an ever-expanding source.  Discover what you are capable of!


Prepare for the next upgrade.  Last year we experienced the end of the Mayan calendar and the dawn of a new age.  This year, dubbed Year One, will bring one of the greatest discoveries.  Just like how the mind can expand and realize a bigger reality, the universe itself will be revealed to be a part of a bigger picture.  If you have followed my blog, you have heard me talk about what I call the Omniverse.  I chose “Omni-” as a prefix, meaning all-encompassing, because the Omniverse is the next stage in discovery for our universe.  In short, it is where universes come from.  It is a model which incorporates the universe in its entirety from beginning to end.  And with this, you will gain knowledge of how all objects have life cycles, and how everything is entangled as one – the pre-Big Bang singularity.  The new model goes further than current knowledge to examine what happened before the Big Bang.  It also explains how expansion occurs in the universe.  Everything we know about the universe is about to change.  This is discovery!

For more information, see the about the book page or go to, where you can download the free white paper summarizing the mechanism.  You can also follow Omniverse on fb for book updates and fun facts.


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