Divine Beauty

Is there a state of mind where you can see everything with fascination and awe, seeing beyond that which can be seen, allowing even more perception of divine beauty in everything? What if I told you that it exists, and I can guide you to live in this state all of the time? Prepare to change your perspective and change your universe.

Imagine a desert. Isolated. Barren. Excruciatingly hot. Devoid of all but a few life forms capable of living in such inhospitable conditions. Feel the sun beaming down into the hot sands. Make it hotter and dryer. And when you're ready, were going to change our picture.

Let's breathe some life into this desert. Imagine rain penetrating through the dry atmosphere, drenching the desert and providing water for life to thrive. Amplify it. Let the rain wash away our ideas of how a desert should be. Let everything come alive. Imagine the colors being more vivid. Imagine the light being brighter in an atmosphere cleaned of its airborne dust. Feel the soil, infused with organic ingredients, cooling off as the water of life drains through it to the roots of the vegetation.


All it took was some rain to change everything about our preconceived notion about the desert. Now, we can see that it is full of life, as we amplify the modalities of the energies involved in the desert. Now let's go deeper into the process. When we alter our perception and find rain in the desert again and again, we literally see the landscape change as it becomes remolded and reshaped into something completely new.

Water is a powerful agent of change. Let your mind be like the water. See the world in a drop. Water carries the nutrients for life. Water is life. Visualize this drop of water. Now I want you to see the space inside the water. It's not what you think it is anymore. There are molecules surrounded by space. The bonds of the molecules are energy carried in fields within space. Even inside of the atoms there are electron fields in the space surrounding the nucleus. In the nucleus, quarks dance together in an ocean of space found within each proton and neutron. Each quark itself is a vibrating energy within space.

Everything is energy. This is constant. The variable is space. Because you can cram all of the energy of the universe into the space infinitely smaller than a quark. You can also expand space infinitely to create the universe we observe today. When we tap into the highest consciousness of our own being, we align ourselves with the transmutation of energy and the expansion of space.

View the drop of water again, this time you are in control of the space. This water carries the seed of life. Now I want you to envision your ideal universe. Imagine a model of possibility. Put some love into it! Put everything you need for your highest and best good to support your divine path. Think about how you are going to help others as you create from the realm of infinite possibilities.

Now let this droplet of living universes expand. Simply envision the space expand. When you are ready, and whenever that is will be the perfect time for you, step into the space you have created. Into the ever-expanding droplet of infinite love. Welcome to your universe. Feel free to explore.

Look around now. Tell me what you see in every grain of sand. Amplify the modalities, viewing with even more love. This is all party of your creation. This is your perception. This is how you can view the divine beauty of all things.




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