Divine Timing

ImageLast night I watched the premier of The Cosmos on primetime, after Simpsons and Family Guy.  I should probably mention that Simpsons and Family Guy are my favorite shows!  Is it merely a coincidence that one of the creators of Family Guy is an executive producer of the new show about everything in the universe from the Big Bang to evolution of modern humanity?  Everybody seems to be on the same page as me, with a growing interest in the universe’s creation.  And interestingly, the chosen audience is just like me.  It is a targeted approach to run this show with the animation and a brilliant idea.  But mostly, I see opportunity to reach a bigger audience with my groundbreaking work.  Unlike Bruno, who tried teaching Copernicus’ theory to the church, I have data to back my observations.  The same data we use to describe the Inflationary Big Bang.

We are about to see a new revolution in understanding of our universe and beyond.  It’s already starting, before I even have my announcement made.  Steps are being made to help me spread the word and find ways to test hypotheses related to the Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse.  The world is being primed for an expansion of the mind.  The only confirmation I need of this is to see the millions of people interested in our creation.  Those who question existence.  I am one of those people, and I cracked the universe’s secret code, unlocking an entirely new model that not only supports the Inflationary Big Bang, but might also help explain the enigma of dark energy and other unknown phenomena.  So I say to the universe, please keep the good stuff coming!  In today’s social media, science is becoming more popular, and people are learning about our origins.

Here’s a link to the Cosmos show. http://tvtag.com/stickers/fox/cosmos_a_spacetime_odyssey_premiere_catch_up.  Although I have no affiliation, I am thankful to have this available.  I just can’t wait to reveal what’s next!

For more info on my book, go to GrandSlamTheory.com, download a FREE copy of the white paper, and follow fb.com/GrandSlamTheory.  Peace, love, and knowledge!


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