Do the Impossible

The bumblebees do something impossible every single day. They fly. Even though science couldn’t explain it, they did it anyway. Yet it was physically impossible. You know what the trick is? They didn’t study law. So gravity didn’t apply. And there’s a very important lesson for you. Because your barriers–everything you think that’s impossible–are all learned. All in your head. You make it real by believing. But what I have to show you is going to change that.

There’s lots of things science couldn’t explain and still existed. One-celled organisms existed before we could observe them with the first microscopes. For like, over 4 billion years. Even with evidence, there was still resistance to believing. But now wet know they’re real. Planets circled the sun even though it was once believed to be the other way. Reality happens before we discover it. At least on the surface awareness level. 

Reality happens for us to discover. 
The bumblebee teaches us that. Simply because it don’t give a shit what science tells you. The real beauty is, we did figure it out. The bumblebee’s wings, although small for their body size and weight, create a vortex in the air. It makes its environment change by using its energy. The vortex becomes a space in which it can fly, like bending space-time with a warp drive.

You can create a vortex too. There’s your energy, and science has yet to explain a lot of it. You have the power to change your environment. And that changes everything.

The human body is capable of far more than what we’ve been taught. Imagine having energy that can warp space-time around you. Picture yourself with energetic wings. Give them a color. Whatever color you choose is the perfect one for you. Simply with the power of your own mind, you can create the images, and your brain can rewire itself to perceive even more of the reality you create. Because you do.

There’s a lot you’re doing that science is catching up to. Like creating your reality. You can show that we do exactly that using quantum physics. It has yet to be proven, but you’re still here aren’t you? And there’s nothing external doing it. It comes from within. And the beauty is, through every other reflection of you throughout the universe, there are infinite other observers that co-create with you. It’s all part of you. All instantaneously. All the time.

Create your vortex and step inside. Imagine being in the middle of a toroid of energy, circulating throughout the energetic and physical you. It creates the laws of physics for every atom in you to put itself together, piece by piece. In this space envision the possibilities of infinity. Everything you take in is exactly what you need to put together your reality. Your timeline. Your mind receives these downloads, custom tailoring the data to the experience and the lessons you want to create. You’re now in a higher level of awareness. You can see how everything’s available to you right here, right now. Just take it all in, as you inhale a deep breath and suspend. Take in a little more, as you reset your nervous system in this space of infinity, and let go, releasing all of your limiting beliefs. All your blocks. What lessons can you create for your growth and evolution right now in this brand new moment? 
In an instant, everything changes.

Today, we’re on the brink of discovering and uncovering more and more about the nature of reality. It’s a program, and you’re running it. At the same time, you’re programming. You’re creating the code, rubbing it, and experiencing it. Sounds impossible? Just take a lesson from the bumblebee. Do it anyway.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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