Do You Live Only Once? Here’s What I Found

When I was growing up, there were many things I was taught to believe. I attended school and learned about science. I also went to Sunday school. My parents were Catholic, so my brothers and I learned from the viewpoint of the bible. I didn’t see much difference between the scientific and religious viewpoints. It would be until much later in life when people challenged me and judged me for continuing to study science. I was the kind of person who had to find things out for myself without just accepting what people say.

I never had the same views as the mainstream. I always question everything. Yes, always! Even what is considered to be law can be changed with new observational evidence. Everything changes. And I change…


My scientific quest led to to some of life’s greatest breakthroughs. The universe itself was channeling through me. I remembered things from before my life began–choosing between realms of reality and choosing my parents. I had built-in knowledge of concepts like parallel universes that are finally coming to light in today’s science. I also have secrets yet to be discovered about us. Humanity. Earth. Ever wonder what we come from? Are we genetically engineered? Are there other key players in what makes us?

It’s time to reveal the truth.

Truth is that which is backed by evidence, tested, and still remains solid. Fact is something that can be argued. Truth is truth until overturned. Unless it isn’t. There are many things I know that have been backed with evidence. Sometimes it’s new observational data, and other times its ancient documentation I find that backs what I know. Many times its both. When it was discovered that the expansion of the universe wasn’t reversing, but accelerating instead, I started to put all of the pieces of evidence together. The big picture of the Omniverse was being born. Nearly 20 years later when my book was published (Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse), I found that it agreed with the ancient knowledge of the Maya–the illusion.

There’s more to what you have been told about the universe. This is why I question everything. And as I wrote in my book, the dogma of academia seems to support the status quo. We have a way of accepting only what the majority seems to find acceptable. As I wrote, what if science is the new religion?

There’s many things where science and religion agree.

In creation, the seven days outlined were an analogy. In modern context, it would be considered seven steps. As I studied the intricacies of the Big Bang, I found that it was basically the same order. We just have a more precise timeline today. And space was created from nothing. All of the universe’s energy was present before the Big Bang. It is always present. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. What if we have been describing the same thing in just slightly different ways? What if the only barrier to our current understanding is simply a perception of difference in these points of view? Must importantly, how do you let go of your own personal barriers to allow an even greater understanding of the universe to effortlessly be present within your current state of awareness right now?

Letting go is beautiful.

I went through a process of letting go after writing my first book. My love life fell apart. My wife had threatened to leave and eventually did, even though I did everything I could to support and empower her. I couldn’t accept her bleak, limited view of me. I knew I could love. So I began a new journey. I found the love I needed. It was me. And then I found so much more…

The universe opened up again. I started getting downloads in my thoughtstream of consciousness. I found many to be backed by ancient knowledge. Yet many were new knowledge. I wrote about these in a series of articles a year ago entitled Blessings of the Omniverse. And right now in this present moment, something new is surfacing…

I have heard this from both the scientific and religious perspectives. All I have to say is this: There’s more about life than what you’ve been told. This is the key that will unlock the door to a greater understanding of who you are. Yes, you!

Biologically speaking, humans study life, examining the physical body. So it’s no surprise to find that when the body stops working, the organism dies. But there are those that question. Many study consciousness beyond death. In religion and spirituality there is the concept of the soul–the part that does not die. It is believed that the souls ascend to heaven. Unless you realize that this IS heaven (Blessing#1)! Here’s the common thread: Both believe that you have just one life. Here today, gone tomorrow.

What if this was just a limiting belief? How can you open up your expanded perception to find the truths waiting to be revealed right here and now? I found my purpose through all of the trials of my life and being able to let go of that which no longer served me. Now I am here to guide you through a process of awakening to even greater levels of self awareness. And it starts with this guided process today. And here it is.

You are more than one life. You are more than a cycle of life. You are more than a soul. Each is a step in consciousness serving a purpose.

Examine your life right now. Most likely, you drive your car to work. You are your body, yes? And your body drove that car? The car serves its purpose to get you to work. Yet you live longer than your vehicles… So when the car is beyond repair, you get a new one to continue taking you to work.

On the soul level, the body is that vehicle. You are not limited to just one body, just like with your cars. Rather than focusing on just a single life, notice how effortlessly your mind can become intrinsically purpose-driven in order to get you too work with as many vehicles as needed. Work is the purpose. When you expand your awareness to your soul level, notice that it takes as many bodies as needed to fulfill your purpose. As many cars as needed to get you to work. As much time as needed to reach your destination and fulfill your purpose.

What is your purpose?

As I found with the research for Omniverse, you are a living universe. More specifically, you are the perception division. You are the universe discovering itself because just like on this level of awareness, you want to know everything about yourself, right? What if the soul was simply the channel of consciousness and the universe was the broadcast, making us one with all that is? Notice how easily we allow this newfound concept to reveal even more secrets of ourselves. The soul is the universe’s vehicle. It’s not physical, yet it allows our body to tap into the infinite potential of the universe.

Iinvite you to release the limiting belief that you only live once and replace the belief with infinite potentiality. Your only limitations are that which you allow. As your awareness expands to greater levels of your own consciousness, you will continue to find so much more…

Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.



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