Don’t Call It Positivity

As I stare up at the night sky, seeing the orange haze behind distant rows of palms lit up from beneath and the mountains barely visible through the thick night air, I think that there must be something greater in store. I know something’s happening and I’m being tested. What I want to know is, who else is experiencing this right now? How can we use this right now to further strengthen our resolve to live the best life we can? To rise up in heightened awareness and spread knowledge? And to love like never before as we call all soul mates, past present, and future, into the now! This is our time.

But please don’t call this positivity.

This isn’t about being positive at all. It’s about being real. And blowing the perceptive barriers of what we used to believe was real. It’s dealing with real shit. And it’s overcoming shit. Transcending shit. And transforming ourselves in the process. It’s therapy. It’s reality. And while it sounds positive, it ain’t always like that. I had to get dragged through the mud. I’ve attracted life lessons I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Not being good enough. Bit being worthy. Not being loved by a partner, or even settled for.

And I got answers for all that. 
Love yourself. Love yourself first. Take care of yourself. And forgive yourself. Yes, forgive your motherfucking self! Everybody experiences shit in their own way customized to get results from their lessons. And you get there by identifying subconscious belief patterns, aka programming, aka social conditioning, and systematically replacing negative ones with positive programs. That’s how you make shit better.

There’s a lot of science behind what I’m saying. It’s all real. 

The subconscious controls 95% of what you do, not your self-aware mind. It stores programs you put there from higher consciousness in order to match your vibration with your brain, your genetics, your past lives, and your soul to your environment. That means from any root cause, your brain is hard-wired according to the programming you enter in response to what’s happening around you, both physically and energetically.

The trick is to discover what your programming is by finding the root cause, looking for the lesson, and then literally rewiring your brain. It’s hacking. It’s cracking. But do the work and you get results every fucking time.

That’s how you start to see things differently.

And seeing ain’t believing–it’s the other way around. We’re conscious creators, and rewiring the brain is just the start to the miracles. That changes how you perceive things in the past, present, and future. And seeing things in this new light changes how you attract your lessons. This is leveling up. Changing your attraction means you are calling into the now all new kinds of self-awareness.

So all this law of attraction stuff ain’t kidding around. It’s really the law of the universe. Everything attracts based on its frequency. And so do you!

Universal awareness brings you other amazing realizations too. Whenever I say the universe is rigged in your favor, it is! Even if it don’t feel like it–which just means you are in the experience but have yet to gather your lessons. Whatever they are, they’re perfect for you because the universe is running the programs you’re installing. That’s what it does. The universe is actually rigged to favor life, as observed by its natural imbalance of matter over antimatter. Not to mention water and the building blocks of biological life pretty much everywhere in the damn universe. I told you it’s real!

And as the observer, you get to see your life happening in the now through new perspectives. That means you’re changing what you’re attracting. That means you’re creating a customized universe tailored to your experience and the lessons you choose. BAM!

So the thing is, you can do this! All you have to do is work on yourself. Observe yourself. And love yourself. It ain’t about positivity. It’s about real results! Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.


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