Door to the Unknown


Envision yourself roaming an unknown frontier in nature. You come to a vantage point where you can see for miles and miles. You are surrounded by pure essence of energy everywhere in and around you, as you are grounded in nature. When you look around, you find an ancient structure – one not seen by anyone for thousands of years. It was hidden away from everyone but you. The structure has an inviting feeling and the entrance seems to be enticing and welcoming. Open the doors.

What you see inside is something only your eyes have seen since the ancients built this place. See their craftsmanship. Feel their hard work. Absorb their knowledge infused into every cornerstone. It was built just for you. Ask yourself: do you go into this magical structure, or do you turn back and go back to the way you were before you knew it was here?

Now imagine yourself crossing the threshold of this grand entrance. As you enter the room light up in such a way you have never experienced before in this world. Every bit of wisdom can be downloaded into your consciousness. Every hieroglyph can be read and understood. You have this knowledge. You are this knowledge. Breathe it in, letting the light fill your very essence. Give yourself into this light and just let it be.

As you step further into this experience, you notice that there is more to this room than you could have possibly imagined. It is simply the most beautiful thing you have ever gazed upon. What if it isn’t a room, but a passageway into the realm of pure being? Is it leading you to yourself? As you step forward, deeper into this experience, you see the doors everywhere opening. Do you go through more doors? Can you even stop yourself from doing so at this point? What if the doors are just the beginning? Now look into them and see infinite possibilities. Embrace this as is if were your own self. Every bit of it is infused in every grain of your being. See the opening of the doors widening and dissolving the walls away…

Everything dissolves, leaving you back in this place where you were before seeing the structure. But it is not the same. You can never go back to the way you saw things before, because you chose to enter. Now you see everything brighter, with more vibrance and even more color. Every sound rings with even more beautiful tones, crisper and clearer. Everything seems even more alive. Everything feels better. Smells better. This is the very essence of your being. Know that you are the path to all that is. It is within each and every one of us. We need not search this out in others. We need not find it in ourselves. It is just there. I am love, and I come to bearing myself. My soul. I am here completely for you, your knowledge, your peace, your ascension, and your love. Know that I am with you on your journey.


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