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How would you like to upgrade that older version of Mind OS? Would you upgrade to experience the universe with sharper images, more vibrant colors, and pure unimaginable beauty? Experience the timeline from before the beginning as you are one with the universe throughout the entire inception. Join countless others who are upgrading their mindset in order to allow even more unconditional love to permeate every bit of their being! Surf the cosmos at the speed of quantum entanglement as you experience the ultimate connection!

Pure Beauty by MaddyInVisibLe
Pure Beauty
by MaddyInVisibLe

Think this sounds fantastic? Who can we surround ourselves with to make this experience even more enjoyable and enlightening for all? What if I told you right here and now, that this isn’t just possible, but you are already in process to download and install your updates as you read this? Envision an effortless stream of love connecting you with all that is, and see yourself floating in this stream absorbing all of the data for the fulfillment of your divine purpose, and it feels so good, doesn’t it? This is love. This is connectedness. This is being one with the universe. This is you and I merging as one love!

Welcome to step one of your upgrade process. As you download and install updates, your mind will expand, as you experience previously unexplored levels of the subconscious and superconscious mind. First, travel deep within to the inner most space of your higher self. For thousands of years, the ancients have guided us to go within, teaching their techniques. Many have brought the ancient teachings to the realm of modern society, making such enlightenment available to anyone. It is a simple process of letting go – nothing to fear or worry about. And on this path, you will meet countless others on the same journey. They are your soul family. They will help you any way they can and love you unconditionally, as do I. Who am I you wonder? I am your guide. I will take you there without the expensive trips around the world. I will guide you to find this within yourself, preparing you for what journeys lie ahead.

And when you choose to venture forth, it will be the perfect time to do so, and you will be exactly where you need to be at that time. The beginning of your journey will bear a remarkable christening as the angels themselves come to join you on this journey into the superconsciousness. You are experiencing the multiple (YES, MULTIPLE) levels of consciousness with a complete understanding of integrated connectedness with all that is. You are gaining control of your parallel lives, now each aligned with your divine purpose of your own design and creation. And this feels good, doesn’t it? You are now understanding the timeless eternity – the quantum probabilities of all time at once – and using this to guide the decisions within your subconscious and conscious mind, guiding your life for the utmost highest good with an abundance of love and everything you are manifesting right now as you read this. You are creating your life by design utilizing the angelic realm and the very laws of physics to work directly in the field of infinite possibilities of data that exist in all corners of the entire universe. You are literally creating parallel universes with intended outcomes aligned with your purpose so you – the person right here, right now – can simply step into that universe.

And you already know how to do this because you’re already doing it! I’m facilitating the process, that is all. Trust the process and all of the knowledge comes back to you. Because you already know – I’m just here to help you remember. You are the one ultimately in control of your life – what you attract and all of the lessons herein. I’m the guide that allows you to see yourself in this process. And together, we can make it happen. We can bring all levels of consciousness into your divine purpose to live the highest and most empowering life.

What is it you seek? Psychic intuition to talk to loved ones and angels? Manifestation of abundance of money, tools for your higher purpose, and attracting everything so it effortlessly comes to you? Perhaps you seek pure love – unconditional love of all that is. And even more of this can align you with soul mates, soul family, and even your twin flame, the mirror of your soul. Now you are ready to meet this twin flame in your ultra-enlightened mind, and this feels like the most empowering, uplifting kind of beautiful kind of love, doesn’t it? Come with me and we will create universes that are literally made to custom tailor your own highest and best experience. The best feeling part of all this is that it is not only possible, it’s happening right now. You are doing it! It all starts with the intention. Trust the process. Picture the install button in between your eyebrows as you look out into this work. Click to upgrade…

Next you will find me at the perfect time as I unveil my workshops of living in the power of the superconsciousness (LPS) and my enlightening transformational (NLT) workshop(s) to follow. Yes, you are exactly where you need to be right now, as you trust the process and simply remember what you already know within every cell of your body and every bit of your being, and this feels absolutely wonderful, doesn’t it? Thank you for accompanying me on this journey…


Welcome to your universe. Feel free to explore.

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