Downloaded Message about Recent Shootings

When tragedy strikes, be present to those in need. When you bring up the gun control argument–from either side–you’re taking attention away from the lost souls that died. When you bring race or privilege to the argument, you’re taking away from the victims. If you’re propagating conspiracy theories, you’re devaluing the truth. When you label a person a terrorist or racist or judge them in any way, you’re forgetting about the part that they were human. All of them.

There is a solution.

All you have to do is to see beyond the judgment. You have to see past the arguments and conspiracies. Only then will you see that it’s a symptom.

A symptom of something bigger.

Anger is killing us all. It’s driving the crimes and the reactions. It’s not going to go away. Notice how this pattern has been repeating? That’s because nobody has looked beyond the symptoms yet. That’s like trying to cure cancer without understanding why the body’s cells allowed cancer to grow and spread.

We’ve gotta get to the root. To treat anger, depression, and mental illness. For everyone. Our country is sick. Getting angry at its cancer only makes it worse. And the pattern will repeat.

Until you get it.

Only action will stop the pattern from repeating.

And that action is to love. To understand. To feel. Even in the midst of tragedy. That’s when it’s needed the most.


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