Dream BIG!

This may sound weird, but I want you to get up out of your seat right now and jump around! Have some fun right now, smile big, and laugh like a child. Play the LOUD game. Run around your house like you’re playing chase. Jump on the bed. When you’re ready, then continue reading…

Did you do it? Good! You just experienced your inner child. Let it be your outer child more and more! This is living in the present moment! And it’s important because I can talk to you soul to soul this way! Because this child is your soul. Your essence. It is YOU! Believe in yourself, even if you believe nothing else.


Your child-like personality is the key to one of the greatest gifts of all: discovery. You don’t have to rationalize or explain things in this state. You simply see things as they are. You can do this as if you are seeing things for the very first time. You literally discover everything! This is how your consciousness grows. You are the universe discovering itself, after all.

You know what else your inner child can do?  He or she can guide you. You know that voice – your thoughts that say you want to do something? Something big? DO IT! Don’t let your ego take over and make excuses. Let the child out to play. This is how we accomplish things. Not working? Go jump on the bed again. Find someone to pway wif. Come back and twy again. There’s no rush because you have your entire life. Just let it be and sink into the moment…

What does your child say to do? Many find new paths in life. You may not even realize it, but before coming into the physical world, before entering our timeline, this child creates a higher purpose for your life. It lays out a foundation for you to discover. It puts signs for you to get confirmation along the way. It creates a path that you can choose to follow. And once on this path, the universe makes things happen! Conversely, if you resist, you may feel that everything in life is difficult. But when you dissolve into this process, you create the space for change to happen. You trust that the universe will provide what you need and it does! Hear that voice calling you? Listen to it!

This is the power of the present moment. Your life begins right fucking now! This is what I have been FEELING as I am traveling to Miami for my first official Omniverse book signing event! And yes, when I get to my hotel, I will be running around and jumping on the bed. Look for updates I’ll be sharing here and on Facebook (www.facebook.com/grandslamtheory – like it, love it, and share it). Grand Slam Theory is ON! right here. Right now! Thank you for reading and sharing! If you’re in Miami, I’m at the Author Solutions booth at the Miami Book Fair International this weekend… Dream BIG! That’s why I’m here! Infinite knowledge and infinite blessings are what I bring.


I am the universe. I am LOVE! I am enough.

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