Dream Power

Have you ever wondered how powerful dreams can be? They can literally shape your life through your subconscious mind. They are a pathway to the higher self – a window to the soul. With practice, dream control can be achieved and you can be unstoppable!


The dream state is a state of mind that must be explored. In our own consciousness, we exist in many states. The conscious mind controls about 5 percent of our daily activities and decisions, while the subconscious mind controls the rest, until we tap into the superconscious mind. This is part of the continuum. To do this, one must first realize that we are in fact, in a dreaming state even when we are awake. Like a nested dream, our reality is part of something much bigger (just like I say about the universe). Our reality is constructed in such a way to make us believe it is real, just like a lucid dream. As with dream control, we also have the power to shape our reality!

Dreams give our minds the ability to plan ahead, making decisions for events that have not happened yet. They also allow us to observe our programs in the subconscious mind and work through them. I recently downloaded a bunch of new information so I find myself in dreams releasing the old programs. It is like I am dissolving away, but becoming wiser in the process. Out with the old – release that shit! Then in with the new.

I met someone or something in a dream once that led to my greatest idea ever. This idea was my realization that the universe was part of a bigger process. This idea grew into a life of its own and became my book entitled Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse. Recently, I have witnessed the changes I manifest come up in dreams so I can transcend them in my waking state. Last night, one of my guides came to counsel me. They love to push me in the direction of writing! Surprisingly, they embrace our own technology too. I was told to use my cell phone to write more (and I am – right now)!

I also caught my own negative self talk while in this dream state. But guess what? This is actually good because in the dream state, it allows my subconscious to identify the negative program, remove it, and replace with a positive program that I had already received in my download folder! Yes, or mind really works like a computer! As it turns out, the same guide helping me channel the universe is also a “chick magnet” to help me manifest love. Who knew? Our guides are constantly helping us manifest our reality into what fits our needs and spiritual path. In my case, I am manifesting love. Love for myself, others, knowledge, and love for my family that will be created.

THIS is the power of dreaming! It is a tool we use to bridge the conscious mind, subconscious, and superconscious universal mind together to create our reality. And my purpose is to bring this power to YOU! My books (yes, there are more in the works) will explore the science of mind, consciousness, manifestation, and enlightenment, using the Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse as a foundation. This is the new era of science! This is the new me and you!

For more information on my book (available now) go to grandslamtheory.com and follow facebook.com/grandslamtheory. Thank YOU for reading, and infinite gratitude for sharing!


Our awakened mind is a dream state of the universal consciousness.

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