Dream School 101

Dreams are powerful. Much more powerful than we’ve been led to believe. Our entire existence could be the dream of our soul itself. And you can see plenty of instructions on forums like Spirit Science on how you can improve lucid dreaming experiences. Many say when we sleep, the soul leaves the body. But what I am about to tell you will surprise you.

You don’t have to go anywhere! There is a process within you happening – a tuning so to speak. And all of your lucid dreaming and astral traveling might just be a distraction to keep you from seeing it! While you were out, your higher consciousness attends school. And the teacher? Well, not to drop names but it refers to itself as I am that I am – this is your highest level of consciousness! And what I am about to tell you seals the deal regarding the connection between you and the divine. You are not a part of it – every bit of divine universal love flows through each and every one of us. All we need to understand this is an understanding that consciousness transcends your ego and higher self. Higher consciousness levels include angels, archangels, laws of physics, and pure universal consciousness. YES, it is in ALL OF US! This is what Jesus argued when accused of blasphemy by claiming he was God!

This happened to me naturally by relaxing and melting into the process. I just stopped paying attention to the dreams I was having last night. Then I was witnessing my pure consciousness. And remember how I say that you can’t observe without affecting the outcome? Once I was aware that I was observing, it became a lesson for me. The trick is, when dealing with this level of consciousness, there is no language. No spoken word. Anything psychics get from the realm of the transitioned ones or the realm of angels is filtered through their own perception. But the universe gets the information straight to you with no filters. And I can teach you how to find the meaning. My book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, is the starting point. It sets the precedence for the true nature of the universe. And upcoming workshops will focus on improving our communication with the source.


Each vision at the core of our consciousness will be very simple. And it can be explained with modern physics! This is the core of the self – and also the core of the universe. It is the intersection within the infinity symbol! What it all came down to was just a string. In quantum physics, strings are used to describe how energy vibrations shape subatomic particles. The universe is all intertwined with strings – everything is connected. This is why we have quantum entanglement!

As it turns out the true self is one and the same! The string is basically nothing until an action takes place – like striking the string of a piano. What this does is create vibrations from the place the string is struck. This creates a location. This is how we perceive ourselves with definite locations! But once the string vibrates, just like with a piano string, the whole string begins to vibrate. This is analogous to the quantum principle of non-locality. This is why we perceive ourselves with a definite location, but the true reality is that we are everywhere and what we observe is the sum of all possibilities. And this is all easy to demonstrate with just a vibrating string!

But here’s where it gets better. We may think that we are the vibrations in this process. After all, this represents everything in the physical realm. But we are more than that. The important message here is that there can be no physical entities in the universe without the nonphysical. The nonphysical is a decision to strike the string – the action. This is pure thought, or consciousness. And it exists within all levels of this creation. And the meaning is profound, because in order for the string to be struck, there must be a mechanism of striking. This is the Big Bang! Therefore, the soul of all things in the universe was responsible for initiating events that led to the evolution of the universe. And this is YOUR soul!

If you’re wondering about the action that struck the string to start your vibration, it’s in my book! I proposed that there must be a mechanism that initiates the Big Bang. A vibrating string confirmed it last night. This action is at the core of all of us, and can be tuned during meditation or sleep states. Just like tuning up the orchestra before the concert, we are all being prepared not only to perform, but to conduct!

Thanks for reading and sharing! For information on my book, available at Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other retailers, go to grandslamtheory.com and follow Facebook.com/grandslamtheory.


“When the solution is simple, God is answering.”

– Albert Einstein

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