Driving While Flying

Welcome to your universe. Feel free to explore. To get started, you are going to wake up as a universal consciousness. At this moment, the Big Bang is born and space is created as energy is transmuted. We’ll start manifesting this whole universe into every bit of our physical building blocks, creating clouds of gasses from a primordial soup. We’ll give each particle the ability to have mass and attraction. And then we sit back, observe, and let evolution happen. This primordial soup starts coalescing as gravitation takes over, creating heavenly bodies of hot gas. As we evolve, there will be a point at which we can no longer exist as we are and everything in our world will collapse. This is where life begins. Stars are born. As stars live, atoms are forged. As stars die, these atoms are spread throughout the universe, and each generation builds upon that which the last generation started.

Next, billions upon billions pf particles created by the stars that lived and died before us will come together to build proteins with which to combine with other organic molecules and create cells. We’ll use our universal consciousness to allow communication between trillions of cells to allow living beings to grow and evolve. We’ll program these beings to pick up some of this consciousness—just enough bandwidth to become self aware and cognizant of our activities on the surface level—to allow the bodies to perceive and learn about the surroundings. We will allow ourselves to be born into an ever-evolving timeline of biological life at just the right time to allow our lessons for the highest and best good to unfold. But here’s the trick: the surface bodies won’t always know when things happen that these are the lessons. We will have to figure that out for ourselves.

And that’s where we find ourselves in our current state of evolution. We’re figuring out why we’re here, experiencing our lessons, and perceiving everything so we can feed back into this consciousness. As we learn, we become even more aware. We awaken to all new levels of consciousness possibilities within. And we learn to welcome lessons as gifts. We give gratitude for everything. And even in the most horrific experiences on the surface, we find the highest intent and learn to forgive and let go. This is how we grow. This is our evolution as conscious beings. We awaken to universal love—the very same universal love we came from. This is conscious awakening, as we pull back layer by layer of self-conditioned “reality” to find the pure divine beauty of all things. This beauty can be observed anywhere anytime simply by allowing our consciousness to witness without attachment of the normal first person point of view we have been accustomed to. This is freedom.

Awaken with me. Open up your third eye and see beyond what the eyes can see. Allow all of your intuitive senses to grow. Step out of the first person point of view and rise above as your consciousness witnesses your body and interactions. Here’s a trick I’m going to share with you. A little bonus advanced teaching. Our physical bodies are vehicles that we drive around throughout the universe. Our physical homes are part of the planetary systems flying around our host stars that our atoms came from. Our stars fly through the galaxy, which also moves throughout clusters and superclusters, creating a mobile universe of flying living beings everywhere. On top of the rock we sit upon, on the surface where we find our living beings, we navigate our bodies with the higher self in the driver seat.

When the driver is in alignment with the vehicle, we effortlessly flow through life’s obstacles on the surface level, like driving through an obstacle course in a well-tuned sports car. It’s fun. Exhilarating, Challenging. And rewarding. But just like a young adult learns to drive, we must also learn how to drive spiritually. We must tune our skills. And we must always pay attention to the road. Because we can and do run into inexperienced drivers in the surface world. Young souls that need our guidance to learn to become aligned with their higher self drivers. And we also find ourselves challenged by others on the same road that don’t pay attention to what they’re doing on this level. I call them sleepers because it’s like they are asleep at the wheel. Think about how we navigate our bodies carefully in a crowded space with all of the other souls we love. Now imagine if someone were to fall asleep at the wheel while driving their bodies. They may cause collisions, resulting in harm on the surface level. Wars. Terrorism. Religious and/or governmental control. Hatred and Fear. What if all of these are caused by our brethren sleeping at the wheel, and what if we were able to gently awaken them on our spiritual level for the highest and best good of all living things and our conscious evolution?

This is the beauty beneath the layers of conditioning we experience on the surface. We have the responsibility and the ability to lovingly guide our soullular brethren. Because just as the cells that make up our body must work together to make a living, conscious being, our souls form the cells of spiritual communities manifesting as humanity. Humanity is one living conscious being. And we are beginning to awaken! So please remember this: We are the afterlife of stars, and this IS Heaven on Earth!


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