Drumagon – The Shapes of Rhythm

When the ego is transcended, the mind becomes limitless. You find yourself as the universe learning about itself. You change. You become more compassionate for all things in this creation, from the smallest atoms to the largest galaxy clusters! You love ALL OF IT! The only thing left to do is celebrate it! Feel its rhythms and dance with the cosmic music. Create shapes with music and become a shapeshifter. This is what Project Drumagon is all about! We are creating new shapes with multidimensional drum circles everywhere in the world.


What is Project Drumagon? It is a shapeshifting creation of celebration through the magic of rhythm. Everywhere in the world people can celebrate together. We can coordinate locations and times, building geometric symmetries with our patterns. As it grows, Project Dumagon’s goal is to have live streaming drum circles from everywhere in this world all the time! OneĀ global shapeshifting drum circle!

Who’s with me to get this started?


This is enlightenment through music!

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