Duality or Reality

Good verses evil.  Right and Wrong.  Republican or democrat.  What is reality to us?  We always observe opposites.  We have magnetic forces with north and south poles, electric currents with positive and negative.  In physics, every single known type of particle has an opposite known as a superpartner.  Matter has antimatter.  We think the two aren’t compatible because what we observe is that when the two opposite particles collide,  they annihilate each other.  But is this duality really the case?

Let’s look at our physical universe to see examples.  Our matter consists of combinations of particles and superparticles that make up the most elementary subatomic building blocks.  The smallest known particles are quarks, which make up protons and neutrons (collectively known as baryonic matter), and leptons, which can become electrons.  We know there is an imbalance resulting in more baryonic matter than antimatter in the universe.  Recently discovered, there is also a lepton asymmetry in the universe (phys.org/news/2013-03-early-universe-hint-giant-excess.html).   Now we know that there are more anti-neutrinos than normal neutrinos.  Even gravity itself seems to have an imbalance.  In crowded star clusters, gravity alone can’t explain the distribution of stars (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/02/130220163631.htm).  This study found more binary star systems on the outer edge of a cluster rather than in the center – the opposite of the expected results!

It is evident that we live in an universe of duality.  But is this the ultimate reality?  Are we pinballs stuck between two sides bouncing back and forth?  The ancients taught us that there is more to the universe.  And I’m not talking about the ancients that brought us pinball.  Everything we observe is what it is because that is how our brain processes the information.  We don’t see three quarks spinning around in space, we see a proton or neutron that is a building block of solid matter.  This is observed reality, but it is part of the illusion we must overcome if we are to understand the true nature of our universe.

Every discovery we make takes us closer to the understanding of a unified universe.  The four forces – electromagnetic, gravity, weak, and strong nuclear forces – are actually the same underlying energy that react in different ways.  The same underlying energy.  But what we observe are the different effects of this energy; thus, we have different forces.  Only with an understanding of a multi-dimensional system can these forces be reconciled.  In the Omniverse model, I show how this can be done by proposing the universe as a 4-dimensional projection on the surface of a higher dimensional system (without math).

What’s next after we discover the underlying energy?  Enter the realm of the quantum computer.  This is where decisions are made in the universe.  And the processor is the very fabric of the universe.  Every bit of information in the universe is part of a single processing unit that can literally make decisions to manifest the underlying energy into every force and particle in the universe.  Every bit of information is the same.  It is both matter and antimatter, cycling in and out of existence – a virtual particle (they don’t really annihilate).  Before it is a quark or a lepton, a decision must be made: to exist, or not?  You see, we are not made of opposites; we only see it that way because that is part of our design achieved through billions of years of evolution.  Evolution starts from that very first decision, and all of the universe is made of the same underlying components.  In short, we are one with the universe.  This is reality.

For more information on the Omniverse proposal, you can check GrandSlamTheory.com for updates of the upcoming book release.  You can also follow fb.com/GrandSlamTheory for updates, news and fun stuff.  For information on the underlying force of the universe, you only need to look within yourself – all of the answers are in every bit of you!

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