Echoes of Divinity

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we had the technology to create experiences and gifts simply from our consciousness, project them onto a magic screen, then step into the screen to live out these awesome experiences and gifts? Perhaps we could benefit by taking a little trip through the universe to find something out about this. What if we could just take a ride on a magic carpet out to the edges of the universe in order to experience even more of the awe and the beauty the universe has to offer?

Each experience sounds different, right? In one, we’re stepping into a screen to experience life. In the other, were venturing outward… What if these visions are but echoes of something far greater and more beautiful? Let’s explore!

Imagine taking a ride into the depths of the universe, with time and space warping around us as we reach speeds transcending the laws of physics. What would we see? If we go all the way out to the outer edges of the observable universe, into a pure space where all quantum possibilities of time exist, we might find the grid, aka the matrix. What is this? It is all points of matter in galaxies converged yet spread far apart due to infinite expansion (dark energy). And transcending the vast distances of space, the universe’s web of dark matter is stretched into tiny filaments still connecting everything. This is the neural network of the universe.

Step out of the universe and we see how the grid is evenly spread across space. But now something’s very different… the points of the grid can be traced all the way back to the beginning of the universe and even before! We can see all of existence on a timeline from beginning to end. But here’s the most astounding part: the entire universe is just a singularity, and the universe is being projected from this point! As we change the viewpoint, we can observe time and expansion just as easily as all of the dimensions of space.

The true beauty is that this projection IS our universe! Everything’s connected to that one dot. So, if we want to create a movie and step into it, we can! We have the technology. We have the consciousness. We have everything we need to create our experience in this existence!

Are you ready to start? Do you feel something in you just waiting to get out? This is your Big Bang of consciousness! We are the ones creating our experiences from behind the scenes. We are experiencing the true beauty by using this technology for the highest and best good of our personal growth. And in that light, we are creating our experiences and gifts. And at any time, we can go out into that projection booth, change the settings, rewind or fast forays, even reprogram the experience, and just float right back into the projection! We have the power… We are the intelligent divine!

Thank you for reading, and please stay tuned for announcements of specific techniques to tube your projection for your highest and best good…

Change your perspective, change your universe.


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