Embrace Chaos

Ever wonder where the law of attraction comes from? The answer may surprise you. It's hard to imagine such a thing when the universe itself is continually spreading apart. But it's all part of the illusion. I'll tell you why. 


Everything's a function of chaos.There is no order to the universe. No predestined plan. No blessings or punishments dished out by the universe or whatever you prefer to call it. It simply responds to energy. What you project is what you attract. 

In essence, you're the wild card. You're unpredictable. The universe has no idea what you're going to put out into your field of awareness. And that's the real beauty.

The universe loves to gamble. Our thought creates a reflection of this. Our minds work in paradoxes with nonlinear thinking. We mimic the quantum information processing power of the universe with our brains. It's almost like we were created to throw a monkey wrench into the gears of all that is to shake things up. 

We are. 

We add life to the party! Being unpredictable is only the beginning. There's a process at work here. And it has never been about order. It's about chaos

Chaos is one of the universe's laws proven to be true. Everything goes from a state of order to a state of chaos. The Big Bang is a perfect example. Here we are in this nice little orderly singularity. All of the universe's energy neatly tucked inside a tiny point. But something had to happen. Imagine throwing in the ability to make a decision to be. Just to be. 

The universe awakened into a realm of ever-expanding chaos at this very moment. It came alive. And it does so throughout every single grain of your existence. Every subatomic particle. Every quanta of energy. You are the Big Bang coming alive. 

Life itself is caused by chaos. It's what happens when we mix everything together in the primordial soup. Atoms naturally form molecules which evolve into living things with the right conditions. And those conditions are nothing like we think they are. It's hot. There's lava everywhere. You can't breathe the air. There's no sunlight--only darkness prevails. That's the seed of life that was planted. You are living proof. 

And that's only the beginning. 

Chaos is the gamble that life will happen out of this singularity. Life is the next level of chaos. And everything's alive with consciousness. Everything! 

Consciousness is a natural flow of universal information, aka energy. The reason everything separated from the moment the Big Bang happened is so everything can come back together in new ways. It's to stir the pot. Nothing's going to come back like it once was. That's like putting a broken eggshell back together. Everything is going to be constantly creating itself in new ways. 

So, in the light of this new awareness, take notice how you can create something entirely new out of your life. Or you could spend all your energy trying to put the pieces back together. But I know you. And that's not really in alignment with who you really are. Anything less than creating anew from the broken pieces isn't really living, isn't it? 

Chaos is life. Chaos is how we evolve. It is the very reason for attraction. And also the purpose for expansion. As the universe expands, distant objects spread further apart, while at the same time, closer objects fall together. The universe is a transforming landscape. That's why the consciousness that flows through you will always be growing and evolving. 

Everything is on purpose. Because you really are the universe learning about itself. In order for you to do so, you had to first make yourself believe you were coming apart. Only then could you come back together, right? 

And then you wake up from the dream. 
If all of this was meant just for you to experience your purpose, wouldn't that mean you created this illusion to guide yourself in the process? And in doing so, you created all of your lessons and perceptions for your own highest and best learnings? Kind of gives you a whole new perspective, right? 

So you see, you had to create the illusion of separateness in order to attract everything in life to serve your highest and best purpose of evolving. And you did it perfectly! Because chaos. 



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