Embracing Your Power

What if you had all of the power of the universe right here and now? The power to create? The power to navigate through nearly infinite parallel universes, all filled with the multiple possibilities of you? Would you contextualize your reality knowing that this is a brand new moment, allowing your lessons to direct yourself to your highest and best good for your evolution? 


Here's the absolute truth:You're already doing this. You already know how to create everything in your life. Every experience. Every lesson. And you want to know the number one thing that holds people back? 

The illusion of fear. 

You see, you in your ultimate power are able to see things differently. Everything that's ever happened to you and all your parallel lives has done so in such a way to get you to exactly where you are. If you resist, your current situation persists, wherever you go and whoever you're with. When you let it flow, your soul grows. And that's what this is about. That's why I'm here to guide you. 

It's not as hard as you might think (or as others may have told you). You're experiencing many dimensions of thought. Multiple levels of consciousness are all within your power to create your life exactly as you need. And here's the trick: You can access this power effortlessly simply by loving unconditionally. Yes, it's that easy! You love. And you're already doing it! It's what communicates your identity throughout every cell of your body. It's what attracts all of the subatomic pieces of you. It what beats your heart and flows through you. It's automatic.This power is available to you at any time and all the time. 

I heard a conversation that reaching this level of awesomeness is like a supreme Buddha consciousness. But the one teaching this gave their perception that people fear this state. It's an illusion! If you fear your own power on this level of awesomeness, it's actually a very good thing! Because fear is just love turned upside-down. To reach this level you transcend duality, meaning there are no positives and negatives. There is only love. And that fear transmutes to even more love! How cool is that? And in this new light of awareness, can you see now how everything is really just transmuting to love as your timeless eternal reality is contextualized right before your eyes in the here and now? 

So the moral is to love yourself, your power to create, and then love your limitations even more! Acknowledge everything you feel, knowing that this allows the energy to flow and be transmuted to love. Just like blood flowing in the body being infused with fresh oxygen with every breath. Relax. Breathe. You got this! The power of all that is is within you, and that's all you need to know to lovingly embrace all of your power. 



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