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In my quest to explain the universe, the mind has been my greatest instrument.  My consciousness and identity is part of this mind, which is a nonphysical extension of my body.  It is an in-between state merging the human brain and the universal quantum computer.  Simply put, it is thought, emotion, perception, and intellect.  As I explored the universe, I took the journey inside the mind.  I meditated to open myself for learning new techniques.  I studied to feed my brain with information, interpreted, and created a new model of the universe by putting together all of the individual pieces to form a single, underlying theory of the creation of the universe before the Big Bang.  But technology can’t peer beyond the beginning of time.  Fortunately for us, the mind can.  There’s just as much to learn about the mind than there is about the Omniverse.


I never thought of the mind as anything other than the physical brain until recently.  Through meditation practice, I learned that the mind is actually separate.  Through research, I learned that this was already well known and documented in the field of psychology.  The mind is consciousness.  But what is consciousness?  Typically, we are taught that there is a conscious and subconscious mind.  The conscious mind thinks it makes all the decisions, but most are actually based on subconscious processes.  The subconscious is much more like computer programs, basically flipping programs on and off.  Throughout life, it is programmed and conditioned by its surroundings.  Though not completely understood, the subconscious comprises about 95% of the brain’s activity.  But further exploration within can show you that there’s more to the mind.

Psychic abilities, supernatural senses, and the ability to communicate with otherworldly entities are possessed by a growing number of people.  We are seeing an age of emergence of enhanced states of mind.  This is superconsciousness.  This is easily attained by silencing noise in the mind and positive programming.  Giving thanks, for example. 

Now, to fully digest what I just said, some may automatically default to a mode in which they feel that it must be belief-based.  However, this is not the case.  While those who experience this do believe it, you don’t have to be spiritual or religious.  This is because it is perception and observation-based.  This is the foundation for scientific studies.  Global perceptions change over time.  Remember when nobody believed in microbes?  We are now perceiving more than ever before.  If seeing is believing, so goes the same for extra perceptions such as the mind’s eye.  So I say don’t believe – perceive!

Here, I am going to introduce a new concept of the mind and it’s many layers of consciousness.  This also explains why belief in otherworldly beings, or even God, becomes irrelevant.  You can believe or disbelieve based on choice, but you can’t always choose what you perceive.  Lucky for us, the mind has its own filters to limit perception based on beliefs and abilities.  But when you remove blocks, you can experience many additional levels of consciousness and formulate perception models that allow us to explain the universe and physical phenomena that surround us.  Nature can be felt as a layer of consciousness.  This can be felt simply by experiencing nature.  Humans have spirits – another level of your consciousness that transcends time and physical limitations.  Humans are protected by guardian angels and archangels.  Although typically given their own identities and images in humanity’s thorough historical documentation, this is a much higher level of multidimensional consciousness.  It gets even better.  We have nine orders of angels in recorded history, each with unique characteristics and abilities – all layers of the mind.  These levels are completely separate from your sense of self, or ego, which is probably telling you right now that this is unbelievable.  Don’t believe it – perceive it! 

Above the conscious realm of energy beings, there are much more powerful levels of consciousness.  The very laws of physics we strive to understand and explain – lie deep within our own consciousness.  How can this be?  Based on the quantum nature of our universe, observation and measurement are completely variable.  We may literally piece the universe together as we observe it.  So having laws of physics deeply integrated into our consciousness allows us not only to explain our surroundings, but maybe even to create them at the time of observation. 

Before I leave you with these concepts, there is one more.  Universal consciousness, or God consciousness is the ultimate level.  No, this doesn’t give you the ability to make great floods (shew).  This is simply a level of consciousness that merges everything into a universal construct.  Although it does not devoid one of identity due to the nature of free will, it does allow one to feel the underlying forces of the universe in an extremely simple way.  In doing this, we also are able to understand that identity and free will are irrelevant, because this feeling is so universal, most humans will experience it the same.  This is done through love and compassion.  Simply stated, by acting with love and compassion, you are operating on your highest level of consciousness – without even realizing it!  You will notice how it changes the outcome of situations by altering how others react in situations.  And we all experience love in our lifetimes.  So the lesson is easy – be good!

Understanding the mind is paramount to understanding the laws that dictate how our universe came to be.  This is why my next book will cover these topics and find ways to research and test hypotheses.  It will be a similar approach to the model I proposed of the pre-Big Bang to postmodern era universe in Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse.  This monumental discovery will be published and available everywhere very soon in 2014.  It represents an idea that grew, just as the universe did, and just like the mind does.  The universe is filled with fractal repeating patterns on different scales, and the mind is a perfect example ready for exploration.  Even the neural network of the brain mimics the cosmic web of gases/dark matter in the universe.  Get ready, I am going to shake things up.  Everything we think we know is about to change!  THIS is the science of enlightenment.

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“What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Nevermind.”

  –  Homer J. Simpson

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