Enlightenment through Science

Ever wonder what the universe really is? We know it’s far beyond our limited perception – buy not beyond comprehension. The human brain evolved to be like the universe so it can learn about itself. And that’s exactly what we do! We look into the vast depths of outer space. We experiment with the tiniest known particles to learn about the universe’s creation. Today’s working models of the universe are constantly debated and tested to understand the true nature of our surroundings. This is our purpose – through our perception we recycle energy back into the continuum of the universe.


This is the true nature of the universe: To cycle the underlying energy thus creating things like stars, galaxies, supermassive black holes, water, and life itself. We create thoughts, emotions, love, and also life. We are a microcosm of the universe! It is a continual process taking place on many different scales. The universe is the large scale, and we are somewhere in-between. On the small scale, every single subatomic particle is forged into existence simply by a virtual particle deciding to be – this is creation on the smallest scale. It happens within us all the time. The decision turns the energy on, creating a vortex of energy, or vibration, creating the membrane of something like a quark. The quark then seeks out others to combine into a subatomic particle like a proton. Then electrons are attracted and atoms form. So the atom can also be viewed as a microcosm of the universe.


On the scale of the atom, similarities can be found with the mind and the universe. You see, everything regardless of scale is repeated on all other possible scales. This pattern of nature is known as a fractal! On the atomic scale, atoms surround their nucleus in a field or many fields. Energies are exchanged by swapping these fields with other atoms or raising their vibrational states when interacting with something like a photon of light. Electron fields including the ones we’re made of all put off light as well in this energy exchange. We are beings of light!


Humans have our own fields too. Yes – we are surrounded by invisible fields just like the nucleus of an atom. Our hearts generate a magnetic field from all of the iron pumping through our veins – the same iron created billions of years ago and spread throughout the universe. We also create fields of energy with our brains. You can see the evidence by measuring brain waves. Our mind, often thought to be the same as the brain, is like the electron field to the brain. It is a field of thought! Our thoughts can exist at different energy levels – different emotions. Using thought fields, we exchange information with our surroundings – the universe itself!

The continuum works on any level. Understanding it as a process, not a specific scale, helps to visualize the next step in the evolution of our understanding of the universe. We have a view of the universe limited to our perception, but as humans evolve our intuition leads to greater awareness and higher perceptive abilities. This is the power of thought. Like the field of thought around us, the universe itself occurs as a field around something else – the Omniverse. This is the universe’s nucleus. The universe and parallel universes are the multiple states of the field around it. The Omniverse cycles energy into a singularity that goes supercritical by experiencing a field. Just like the Higgs field giving a particle mass, space is born from this singularity via the inflationary Big Bang. As the universe appears to expand to us, it actually happens at this event horizon. This is the edge of the known universe. The known universe is a projection from this event horizon. The universe we observe is the field. The real universe is much more though. It is the Omniverse. It is the continuum – a fractal repeating pattern on all possible scales operating as an exchange of energies. We’re evolved to feel it!

The Omniverse is about to be released to the public as a scientific proposal I am releasing in the book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse. Check back for the release data and information on the next books at GrandSlamTheory.com. Follow on facebookGrandSlamTheory. Thanks for reading and thank you, universe!


Love the universe you’re in!


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