Have you ever wanted to travel the world, seeking out places where masters before us became enlightened? What if I told you that it has nothing to do with the location? Yes, we can go to remote places of the world to meditate on mountaintops, but everything you need to know is already in you. Right here. Right now.

For those embarking upon their journey, you will need a travel agent to get you there. And trail guides to help you along your way, and a Sherpa to get you up the mountains. If this is the case, money may not be an object for your enlightenment. How will you feel about all of this when you do get there and realize that money, time, and distance are all part of the illusion? What if I can get you there without needing to go anywhere? You need not seek out this transformational workshop as a means to buy enlightenment. Rather, I will be your travel agent to the soul. Your trail guide along your divine path. And your Sherpa as you climb to higher consciousness. You need not travel the world, but even if you decide to do just that, wouldn't you be better equipped for your journeys if you already took the journey within?

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