Enter into Chaos

How many times have you heard someone say that life is about taking chaos and creating order? I have heard this many times, but it is simply not true. This is not the nature of the universe, or the nature of life. And I will show you why. I will also show how to embrace the chaos so you can create life. Chaos is beautiful!


Imagine a river system from beginning to end. Where is starts as a small stream represents order. Where it grows with tributaries emptying into it as it speeds up and twists around, eroding the landscape away – that is chaos. This river is your life. You naturally go from order to chaos as you float downstream. When you master the waters, you find that paddling downstream gives you control over the flow. This is when you manifest – when you create your life, rather than just participate. But if you seek to make order from the chaos, there’s only one way to go – upstream. It won’t be easy. You’ll be fighting the natural flow all the way. Even if you get back to the top, where the stream starts and order begins, guess what? Your destination is still downstream! On the river of life, our destination is downstream. We are presented with three choices: go with the flow and let life happen to you, control the flow and create your life, or you can choose to fight the flow and not go anywhere. But when you embrace the chaos of the system to take the river downstream, you will find the reward at the end.

Chaos takes over completely as the river spreads out into the delta at its final destination. It mixes with the salty waters of the ocean as it becomes something greater. This is the ocean of infinite knowledge! The river must become chaos with channels splitting and spreading into the delta to get to the ocean. The same process happens with the universe. It starts with a singularity (order). It has a natural flow (the Big Bang). And it expands in its own delta into the ocean of infinity (the Big Freeze). Yes, the universe is infinitely expanding and eventually everything in it will be part of the delta – where only pure information will remain, Dark energy is the force responsible for this – the natural flow of the universe. When you control the flow, you create life! This is the natural way that the universe works. And this is how life works!

In my favorite study published in 2014, Robert England of MIT showed how life is a function of entropy. What is entropy? It is simply a natural process – a flow. Everything must go from a state of order to a state of chaos. This is the second law of thermodynamics. Everything follows this law. England’s study showed how the very first spark of life was a function of entropy. The biomolecular building blocks are the first step – the beginning of the river. As chaos takes them on their journey downstream, cells are created. Life is created! As the cells learn and paddle forward, life evolves. Multicellular life and even communities of organisms are all functions of increasing entropy in this river of life. This is going from order to chaos!

Today I saw an article about this study with a bias from an atheistic standpoint (www.alternet.org/belief/scientist-undos-wacky-creationism-claims). This article claims that this study could undo “everything the religious right holds dear.” First, I should point out that England’s paper had nothing to do with religion or atheism. But the reason I bring this up is that there is a HUGE take-away from embracing the chaos in life. Life is a continuum. This process of increasing entropy applies to everything in the universe. The universe evolves in this river of life. Before life, there were the building blocks. Before those molecules, there were atoms put together by living and dying stars. Before stars, there were clouds of gases. Prior to that, there was a primordial soup of quarks and gluons, and even before that there was the Big Bang. While typically viewed as the beginning, the Big Bang is actually the progression of a singularity from order to chaos. Before the singularity went critical, it had to be stable. This is a natural consequence of the laws of physics. And by following this river downstream, we create life and tap into the infinite oceans of knowledge.

This is not a conquest to find out whether some external forces or God exist or not. This is the process of discovering it within ourselves. Simply, it is the process – the continuum – it is life. It is one living, evolving, conscious system! You are not a part of it – you are the whole, experiencing it through the perceptions of what we think are separate parts. This is why the illusion is necessary, and why we learn to overcome it as we become enlightened. But in the end, there is one infinite ocean of knowledge. This is what we are. This is what consciousness is. And if you follow the natural quantum possibilities of the universe (which we all do subconsciously), you can come to the realization that this ocean is more than the endpoint. When infinite possibilities exist, all time exists, and we find that infinite knowledge of everything from beginning to end is available to us right here, right now. So create life. Embrace chaos. Tap into the ocean of infinite knowledge! Stop seeking that which is believed to be external and find it within yourself!

This is what enlightenment is all about! Thanks for reading and sharing!!!


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