Enter the Naked Singularity

Imagine if you can see beyond the boundaries of a singularity, past the event horizon, into a region that transcends even Einstein's relativity. New theoretical work has done just that, proposing a naked singularity without its shell. And peering into this strange reality shows us that everything we think is real breaks down on another level of understanding. How is this even possible? Well, as I like to say, reality isn't just an illusion to trick us or even for us to overcome—it is a beautiful painting on the rich tapestry of time and space simply for us to perceive its beauty in every way conceivable.



There's a deeper lesson in this as well. The mind itself works this way. The mind is a field of thought—pure energy—that surround our physical body. Its existence is rock solid throughout our lives in the physical realm. It is a function of thought flowing, with all of the neurons firing off pulses of energy inside our brains, and it makes measurable energies that can be detected. But the mind is limited because it has to communicate between the energetic and the physical. Such is the conundrum of the event horizon in a black hole. We simply haven't been able to perceive what's beyond this barrier.

This is our perception barrier. And in the case of the black hole, the perception barrier was solved with an expanded awareness. A different point of view. You see, we've been looking at things our entire lives in 3 dimensions. But with 5 dimensions, it becomes clear. The singularity becomes naked. And our physical self in 5 dimensions will surprise you! We used to think a black hole's center was a solid object. It's not. It is a region in space and time where relativity breaks down. In other words, it is a window into a different reality.

The human body is the object you perceive, and your higher dimensional self is similar. You are not the laws that govern the rest of the universe. You are the center. When you strip away all of the chatter of the mind, it is like being able to see beyond the event horizon into the depths of the singularity. Your expanded viewpoint does just that! Without the perception barrier, you see beyond the physical realm. You see beyond space and time. You simply become. This is consciousness. It is what you are.

This is the focal point of the present moment. As you begin to perceive the present moment, all space and time is literally unfolding in this very moment. Anything and everything are simply possibilities. This is you in the higher dimensions. Simply being. Yet, in our day-to-day awareness, you perceive this present moment differently. You see it as a point on a linear timeline. And the funny thing is that in order for your brain to process that that point in time known as the present, it's already gone. This is exactly why meditation is such a powerful technique allowing you to be present, simply by quieting the mind and stripping away the perception barriers.


And what I am about to say will shock you.

Throw away all of the knowledge you have gained on the subject. Forget about spirituality. You know how you speak the words 'I am' to create and manifest? Yea, you're going to let that go. Now let go of letting go. And whatever you do, don't quiet the mind. You see, you've been taught things a certain way, resulting in a layer of conditioning. That's the event horizon that prevents you from seeing beyond. And now in this new light, you see how taking a different approach can change this, don't you?

There are two ways to see the naked singularity. Living and Dying. With death it is automatic. I have crossed this barrier before, and I can tell you that the realm of infinite possibilities is right here and right now. So I bet you want to know how to access this in the living state then, right? Here's the trick: Every thing you read about how to do this or how to do that is simply pushing you away from what you are trying to do. Because you are literally resisting the natural flow of energy. This zero point energy is within every cell of your existence and every single bit of information in your physical programming. So instead of how to, let's try guided through...

Envision your body as if you are looking in a mirror. Now look at this picture through the eyes of another. Look within. See the darkness of the pupils. Inside are cells, filled with tiny robotic proteins working on your behalf. These molecules are made up of atoms, which are made of subatomic particles, which are made up of even smaller particles. Each of these are vibrating points of energy. See them running around making different shapes. Go further into the energy, and you find yourself as just a consciousness within a pure white space. There is no I am here—just a process. Surrender into this light as you feel love of all things made up of this energy. When the time is right for you, and whenever this is will be the perfect time for you, soak in further. Feel yourself sinking in down into this white light, like sinking into a bowl of Jello. Now find your consciousness streaming from this light into the entire universe. See this energy traveling into the universe like a subway going through a tunnel of blinking lights, and notice how you find your way to the Milky Way galaxy, our solar system, Earth, and find your consciousness hovering above your body in its perfect stillness. From this higher self vantage point, notice how time exists as infinite possibilities. Every decision creates a different outcome. And notice how easily time is paused to evaluate every decision to determine what is the highest and best good for your divine path. And now, from this higher dimension, look into the center again, beyond the physical. Become one with yourself. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


Love the universe you're in


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