Expand Your Mind!

Expand Your Mind!

Are we the only life in the universe? Just an insignificant speck on a 8,000-mile wide planet, 93 million miles from our sun, in a solar system that’s 3.7 billion miles across, in the 100,000 light year-diameter Milky Way galaxy, that is part of our observable universe, 93 billion light years across?  It seems we’re just spatially challenged!

You are more than your location. In fact, every atom in your body is in communication with atoms anywhere in the universe through quantum entanglement. The key to this process can be found in the mind. The mind is the field made by you. It is like an atom’s electron field. As you become aware of greater distance from yourself, your mind grows. As a meditation technique, this can give great results. First, imagine the space around your body at 1″, then 1′. Then, imagine your building, city, country, solar system, galaxy, and the entire universe.

Now you can go up another level to the Omniverse. This is what produces the Big Bang. Before the Big Bang, our universe is just a singularity, so every atom in the universe today is part of it. The reason we become entangled with other atoms everywhere in the universe is because we are part of a single point particle. From the Omniverse’s perspective, this point particle is held within a strong field, holding back the Big Bang until it is hit out of the park. Once out of this field, the singularity isn’t stable and our laws of physics begin. This is our universe’s habitable zone. Just like our galaxy spinning around a massive black hole with our solar system on a giant finger of the galaxy, and our planet spinning around the Sun within its habitable zone.

Our solar system is the best example we have of a habitable zone for life. The only example we have, in fact. We have found that other planetary systems might have habitable zones in our galaxy. We can imagine the number of possible habitable planets in the entire universe. Based on studies in part of our galaxy, it could be a very large number.

So, is there life in the universe? Just ask an atom! If atoms in you are entangled in a quantum dance within the universe, wouldn’t you want all of your atoms to be in habitable zones? This is how consciousness is born. You are here by choice. If we choose to disbelieve the possibilities for life in the universe, then we find nothing. But when we choose to explore the possibilities, we see infinity! Welcome to your mind. Feel free to move around.

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