Fields of Love

What if I told you that I can empower your mind to envision even more of its inherent natural capabilities by simply identifying limiting beliefs? There’s always a simple answer! First, what do you think of when I say mind? Do you think of it as inside you or outside of your body? I used to think the mind was just a term for the brain, only to find through spiritual meditation techniques, then later confirmed by psychological knowledge, that the mind is more than the brain. The brain is physical, responding to physical stimuli in terms of energetic pulses between neurons and biochemical interactions. We can explain complex perceptions and emotions in these terms, but can we explain consciousness with the physical attributes of the brain? What about thought? Sure, we can measure brain wave activity and classify states. But thought is something completely unique to each of us.

Most thought may seem to be like a tape machine looping in the mind, replaying the past or worrying about the future, but when we are present, pure thought happens. Where does this come from? If language can formulate questions to communicate, does this mean our thought is our own? It seems that many throughout history have acknowledged that their greatest thoughts came from above. What if the mind is merely a field that surrounds us, consisting of infinite thought that we can tap into? Quantum entanglement, or ‘spooky-action-at-distance,’ is a special power of the universe that allows information to be exchanged instantaneously, regardless of distance. Simply, information travels faster than the speed of light. So why not use this ability to transmit thought?

If we have this ability for the mind to tap into an infinite field of thought, what gives us that ability? If I could show you how this ability is related to consciousness of the universe as a whole? Let’s do a thought experiment… When we think of grass, what image comes to mind – a single leaf, or vast fields filled with grass? Similarly, when we think of people, do we see only our self, or the communities we live in? Keep in mind, there are only right answers to these questions. Each question illuminates the pathway to find the answer that is right for you. In that light, tell me what you think of with consciousness. Is consciousness individual, or can you envision even greater capabilities within a vast field around us, our communities, and even life as a whole?


Like the fields of grass we envision, it is now conceivable to see consciousness in the same way. The way I used to look at consciousness was as if it was a product of my own mind. But now, I find that to be a limiting belief and as I transcend the belief, I see that the mind is a product of consciousness. It’s so much simpler now! Using the natural process of entanglement, consciousness just flows through me, My thoughts flow through me. Even my emotions flow through me, and the chemicals in my body flow better. In my last post (LIPS), I wrote about consciousness on a universal level. This is like the field of grass. When we are just a blade in this field, the same wind flows through us and breathes life into our cells.The same sunlight feeds our souls. This is the principle of consciousness.

Another limiting belief I have identified is that of identity. People form mental blocks if you just go right into a discussion of universal consciousness. We tend to think that some sort of assimilation is necessary – like being acquired by the Borg, where all act as one. But this is simply a mental construct. We come from one consciousness and return to one consciousness. It has nothing to do with our identity except in this illusion of reality. This is because our thoughtstream – our connection to consciousness – is only as wide as we allow, for our highest and best good. Each of us tunes into a distinct frequency. Like a channel in a vast line-up of choices. That is our identity. Limiting belief = busted!

If you are interested in identifying limiting beliefs and transcending them, I have exercises just for this in my upcoming workshops! We will also work on increasing the channel line-up, making the picture more clear, vivid, and colorful. Evolving consciousness will take us from being able to see fields of grass from standard def to HD, 4K, and even more! Thanks for reading and sharing with your friends! Together, we are raising the vibration of ourselves and the world around us!


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