Fifth Dimensional Shift

I’ve heard a lot of talk recently about a current shifting of our existence into the fifth dimension. Sounds crazy right? I can show that there is indeed a shift in consciousness or raised awareness of the multidimensional aspects of life itself. Here’s the trick – everything we continue to learn about ourselves and the universe are aspects of what is already present right here and right now! In other words, you’re made up within infinite dimensions. Our collective awareness creates the shift, simply be learning more. And to spread awareness, I am going to let you in on a few secrets.

First, you are not 3-dimensional. This is a common misconception taught everywhere, and it actually creates a limiting belief. A limiting belief prevents someone from being able to perceive beyond an imaginary boundary created by the belief.  It’s easy for us to think in terms of x, y, and z axes and even time as a 4th dimension. Yet, most think other dimensions are un-observable or just completely nonexistent. A class of metal alloy-derived quasicrystals shocked the scientific community in the 1980s and was finally accepted in 2011. These are typically 5-sided crystal-like structures that don’t occur in nature. But in 2010, we discovered that they do. A Russian meteorite was found to have naturally occurring quasicrystals. These quasicrystals must use extra mathematical dimensions in order to describe their shapes. In other words, matter exists with more than 3 dimensions.


The second secret is one they don’t teach in science class but should. Einstein’s relativity was taken into five dimensions back in the early 20th century by Theodor Kaluza. He was able to show how light waves in 3 dimensions of space corresponded to ripples in the fifth dimension. So the idea of 5 dimensions is definitely not new. It’s been around nearly 100 years in fact! Third, a modern theory of gravity by Randal Sundrum and Lisa Randall incorporates gravitational leakage into the fifth dimension. In order to explain why gravity is so much weaker than it siblings, electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces, this robust theory uses concepts of string theory. These two show that gravity exists in higher dimensions and it is just as strong as the other primary forces. Observational evidence of this could be provided once the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) reaches enough energy to capture the elusive graviton particle.

So, this 5th dimensional concept is not new, and it is widely used within the scientific community. So why do we have to find out about it through the hippies?? Maybe they’re onto something (or maybe on something). Or maybe the brain is already hard-wired to understand multidimensional concepts, which are un-learned in our modern version of education. The sad truth is, many concepts don’t make it to schools because of pressure based on systems of disbelief.  Ask any hippie, they’ll tell you! But the take-away here is that studies underway to are creating new frontiers of study shattering preconceived notions taught to us. For one, the brain’s neurons are not hard-wired. You can create new pathways in the brain, even repair broken ones. In addition, your very genetic blueprint, DNA, can be reprogrammed via the epigenome. Yes indeed, we are shifting in awareness! We are experiencing our next step in evolution of consciousness and literally creating ourselves through our awareness and thought.


The last secret I’ll unveil today is one from my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse. As I was describing the Omniverse projecting a singularity – our Big Bang source particle – I found that the model could be applied in a potential explanation for the mysterious dark energy. Dark energy is the expanding force everywhere in the universe that keeps pushing large objects away from us at greater rates with distance. It literally expands exponentially. After its discovery in 1998, theories that the universe could implode were debunked. But nobody can explain it yet. Einstein’s cosmological constant – a mathematical fudge factor he thought was a mistake – is currently used to describe dark energy.

But what if it’s not that complicated? In my book, I show how it is easy to visualize our 3 space dimensions within the framework of a larger dimensional system. It’s just like looking at a map. I found that our 3D universe corresponds to a 2D surface consistent with modern hologram theories. But there is one difference. Since the surface is the event horizon of a massive white hole, the hologram spreads around the Omniverse as the universe expands, which looks to us like the universe is expanding in all directions. And it is! The curvature of the system creates a universal lensing effect – the acceleration is an illusion because objects further away on the curved surface appear to the observer to be moving faster. The apparent distance becomes greater and greater as the actual distance can increase in a uniform manner. The take away is this: we do live in more than 3 dimensions and our brains are capable of understanding our surroundings better than before.

I will be talking about our shifting awareness, multiple dimensions – even multiple universes, and concepts like dark energy very soon. For now, you can get my book that will change EVERYTHING about what we know about the universe. It is available on Balboa Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. eBooks are on sale for $3.99 or less! Next, look for me and my book at events like the Hay House I Can Do It conference in Pasadena on October 24-26 and the Miami Book Fair International November 21-23. I will also be speaking soon on Hay House Radio – look for the announcement. In the here and the now, I’m getting the word out, and I really appreciate you reading and taking the extra effort to share and spread the word! 

Ok, one more sneak peek from the book: We stopped believing the world was flat, right? For most of us this had been disproven centuries ago. So why do we think dimensions are flat? In string theory, scientists speculate that additional dimensions are infinitely curved into themselves. I take the bold step that ALL dimensions are curved to a degree. Nature doesn’t think linearly – it follows fractal patterns. Guess what? So does the brain! Another limiting belief is going to bite the dust.

And with that, I give you peace, love, and knowledge!




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