Finding God

How did God create the universe? We have been asking this question since the dawn of modern society formed around religion. Ancient archeological finds showed us how religion started with the first known city. It was a place where hunter-gatherers and early agricultural tribes came together to share abundance.

What happened next was amazing. Humans communicated using writing and carvings. This led to the dawn of civilization. Early religion became education. Soon, we were explaining how we came to be. A question still being answered today. The first timeline was set and carried through to this day in the Bible and other religious texts. It was a simple explanation yet very powerful. We knew back then the order of things created within our universe – the 7 days of creation.

Modern science has taken this timeline leaps forward. We are constantly refining the picture as to how space and time unfolded forming our universe. While we perceive opposites between those of scientific studies or religious beliefs, we are still describing the same thing – how the universe came to be. Since the universe is nearly 14 billion years old, I figure God’s days last about 2 billion Earth years.

But we still question this: What is God? We know of the underlying processes that created the universe from the Big Bang through our modern expansion epoch. Is God the underlying force of the universe creating the conditions for life to evolve? Is God the universe as a whole? The universe in in fact, a single point particle – a singularity. We study back holes to try to understand the nature of a singularity and so far we know this: The singularity wasn’t stable so it went Big Bang! Instantly, space expanded faster than our current speed of light. Then in a primordial soup of forces and quarks, matter formed. As attraction pulled pieces together, photons broke free and started traveling the universe in a big flash. Then stars formed and solar systems were born in galaxies blooming throughout the universe.

Perhaps God is this process. This is how life was created. It was the stars that forged heavier elements which were harvested and built upon by further generations of stars. As they went supernova, they spread the seeds of heavy atoms like carbon and iron – the elements we are made of. If there is ever scientific evidence for Heaven, this is it! We are the afterlife of stars and this is Heaven on Earth!

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What if there’s still more to the picture? There is. God could be the universal consciousness structured throughout the universe’s dark matter like neurons in our brains. We really were created in its image in some ways. As our consciousness expands, we learn to tap into this universal field of consciousness. And when we do we find that there is only love. Love created the universe, the physical laws of attraction, the blossoming galaxies, stardust, and us! Unconditional love is the key to mastering our higher consciousness, allowing us to experience being one with the universe – one with God.

As we understand our own nature further, we gain more understanding of the underlying force of the universe. We are getting closer every day. Closer to God. The science behind this process is bringing our species into the next evolution of consciousness. This is the science of enlightenment!

There’s still one more question if we want to know what created us. What created God? All we know is that a singularity was born. It became our universe and created us. Where did it come from? As it turns out, our entire understanding of the universe has been describing only a part of the picture. There’s a bigger picture to be discovered! And the present is the best time to do it! Beyond the grasp of our understanding and the vast depths of our universe, there is an ongoing process that creates the singularity that is our universe. Like a supermassive white hole (the opposite of a black hole), the singularity was incubated. In order for it to have existed in the first place, there had to be conditions where it was stable. But as the white hole’ repulsive forces pushed it away, it encountered the miracle of birth. The birth of God – the Big Bang.

This is the Omniverse – the bigger picture. It could even be God’s parent. Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse (soon to be released in bookstores everywhere) proposes a scientific framework and geometric model for this process. The process is like a repeating fractal pattern on all possible scales. As above, so below. Everything in our universe resembles the Omniverse. An atom has an electron field. The Omniverse has the universe as its field. All possible variations of this universe are contained herein – right here, right now! For more info and to download the FREE Omniverse white paper, go to You can also follow fb/GrandSlamTheory. Thanks for reading!


Everything we know about the universe is about to change! Be a part of the process.

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