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Is space really empty? Where did the Universe come from?  What created God?  Is there more to the Big Bang?

In the Big Bang Theory, a singularity the size of a tiny point, consisting of all of the Universe’s energies, expanded because according to the laws of physics as we know them, it was not stable. The resulting rapid inflation began a nearly infinite expansion as energies, forces, and matter were formed. But the Big Band Theory is incomplete, as top physicists have conceded. The modern approach assumes that time starts when the Big Bang starts, but by ignoring what happened before the Big Bang, scientist are looking at only a part of the big picture. Our Universe consists of less than 5% matter. Only considering part of the process is what has led us to an incomplete understanding of our Universe today.

The new thought emerges that space contains everything. It is swimming with things we haven’t discovered yet. In The Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, we question how this singularity came to exist. This book proposes a model, dubbed the Omniverse, based on a simple principle of known laws of physics that expands on the idea of the Big Bang. This model depicts a geometrical principle and an action: a point particle, or singularity, originating from a supermassive “white hole” capable of producing infinite singularities. Opposite of black holes, particles are ejected via repulsive forces, and a very strong field provides enough energy to hold it stable. Once a particle leaves this field, it enters a second, lower energy field, where the magic begins. Much like the recently discovered Higgs boson, a particle moves to a lower state of energy. In the case of the Higgs boson, particles gain mass. In the Omniverse model, the particle begins the rapid inflation of the Big Bang, where space literally unfolds itself faster than light. Now we know not only how the Universe began, but where it came from. The Omniverse model provides the connection to the source and an influx of energies, explaining the paradox of dark energy. This results in a more comprehensive model of the Universe.

This model will have you dropping your assumptions about what science has told us thus far, and you will realize the infinite possibilities. We have long since dropped our assumption that the Earth was flat, and one could literally fall off the edge. Ironically, our modern knowledge gives us a flattened Universe which expands infinitely, causing an event horizon where objects literally are accelerated out of existence! However, if we drop our assumption of flat dimensions, as we did the planet’s surface, we see that all dimensions are curved. This explains why the Universe looks like it is expanding exponentially. We also drop assumptions as to the number of dimensions our Universe consists of. By transforming to higher dimensions, we see how a symmetrical Universe looks flattened!  Even time itself is effectively cancelled out, thus all possible times exist in the Universe. In essence, our Universe is still the single point particle which conceives the Big Bang, in a state of quantum entanglement.

Prepare to meet your maker. The Omniverse model provides a framework for modern science to build upon. It is consistent with all known theories about the Universe and it goes further than other models to explore the true cause of the Big Bang. By reading this book, one will gain a sense of true belonging to the Omniverse, as we are all a part of a singularity. Our perception, our brains, and the structure of the Universe all follow the same holographic principle. This is our Omniverse to explore and our Independence Age of discovery as we awaken to the new reality.


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