Food for the Soul

You can redirect your energy. Even when it seems the world is against you or you're against all odds. Being against anything is a great way to not get anything done. It's like pushing on a door that says pull. And that's how the universe works! You enter through a door to create your own reality from infinite choices. Or you block the doorway. It's your choice.

The question many want to know is how. But you don't need to know how. All of the information is available to you all the time. You don't need to know everything—just tap into the infinite field of possibilities. I'll share with you a little hack that will open your mind to all new universes of possibilities...




Raise your vibration.

The trick is releasing anger, hatred, and other negative emotions. The reasons many of us hang on to these emotions is that the subconscious had gotten some benefit from them in the past up until now. And moving forward, acknowledging that it has served a purpose allows you to move on, bridging the highest intent with a new soulful purpose. Now you find yourself becoming more intuitive as you pick up vibrations. Being against something is a lower vibration that being for something positive, yes?

Standing for something good will always raise your vibration. Like Saint Teresa when approached to march in an anti-war rally, she stunned everyone by declining to attend. But she added, "when you organize a march FOR peace, I will attend." If you ever need guidance, she's here in spirit with you as a powerful ascended master that can guide you to manifest all kinds of things! Just be open.

See beyond opposition.

You are also invited to step into a new realm of awareness about universal energy. In your highest consciousness, you perceive things different. You can see the highest intent in situations. You can see beyond false division. Beyond negativity. Because negative emotions transmute to positive flow. A wise man (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) once told me, "fear is just love turned upside-down." Reality is beyond the realm of duality. There is one underlying force of all that is—and it's love!

You can channel the underlying energy of love at any time and all the time. Even if you feel irritated or angry at times, it helps to step out of your everyday perceptual position and view yourself from above. From here you can gether lessons without attachment. It's really liberating. This allows you to circulate even more love as a pure channel of universal flow. As it should be.

Step into a new realm of reality.

You chose to enter this reality and to encounter lessons needed to wake yourself up while in this. So you're in this for good! And you're here on purpose. You are collectively creating reality as you perceive your surroundings. And you can choose to either react to things or to act. This is merely the difference in perceptual positions where you can be stuck in first person or rise above. Act with compassion. Understand what's going on with others. Be love.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned is that as we create reality, we are actually making choices that align us with possibilities of the highest and best good. Every choice we make opens up new possibilities. And from that opening, you travel to new universes. You do it automatically, and while each looks the same, the possibilities you've aligned yourself with are different. By living as love, you can take this process and use it to program the universe around you. You can set the example and be the light that others see. You can literally walk into a room and attact the best energy from everyone. I know you've seen people that do it. There's no limitation other than yourself. So let yourself go.

Stand for something.

So right now, you are invited to experience exactly what you're experiencing with the new perspective, what's the lesson you're getting right now? If you feel stuck, you might be experiencing resistance from letting go of what you're a tually against. But if you're really against something, how does holding onto that very thing serve you? Wouldn't it feel better to free yourself from its grip on you and to let go of your blocks? Let'g go deep. Give yourself a small task to write down the things that you stand for. Maybe it is protecting people of all walks of life, unconditionally. Maybe it's protecting the water and land. What is your desire right now that sets your soul aflame? Peace, freedom, and love? Knowledge? Now make a list of everything you love about yourself. Make a list of what you're thankful for. Before you know it, you'll be manifesting everything you stand for,

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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