Fractal Supercomputer

What is the true nature of humanity? With the gifts of complex brains through millions of years of human evolution, we have the tools within each and every one of us to be enlightened. What does this mean? We not only question our surroundings, but we question everything we already know about them – everything we’ve been told. We wake up. We perceive our surroundings in different ways. Different, ever expanding ways, just like the universe. As our consciousness expands, the exponential expansion of the universe happens. Then we start to see patterns repeating on different scales.


Our brain at first seemed very unique to us. It is larger than post predecessors to us on this planet. It has even evolved structures and functions no other higher apes have. With technology, we have delved deeper into the inner workings of the brain and its neural pathways. We have discovered the brain constantly rewires itself. We discovered how neurons can be formed by stem cells. Then we observed the same thing in nature – but not with human brain cells. On Through the Wormhole, it was reported that oceanic bacteria, when stressed, created their own neural network between countless single-celled organisms. They showed how information travels on dendrite-like filaments connecting them, forming what they compared to a massive brain. It has long since been thought that Earth itself has a consciousness. Is this a step towards discovering Gaia?

That’s not where the similarities stop. It is only two steps in an infinitely repeating fractal pattern. The third is the universe itself. Our observable universe is nearly 100 billion light years across, outstretching distances beyond what we can perceive. Within it is matter – everything we know from our limited perception. It is less than 5% of the universe. Outnumbering abundance of matter nearly 5 to 1 is a mysterious substance that neither creates not reflects light. But it interacts with gravity. This is dark matter. Through recent measurements and observations, we have determined that dark matter exists throughout the entire universe in a network of filaments that stretch vast distances between galaxies and clusters. It is in fact very similar to the dendrites of a neural network or the filaments created by oceanic bacteria.

Entanglement allows information to be stored everywhere within this universal network of matter and dark matter – just like how memories are stored in our brains. Both operate like a hologram where information is stored throughout the network as opposed to in specialized parts. With all of this, just imagine the supercomputing power available from this network! What we experience as reality is the product of decisions carried out by the very parts that make us up – computations made by the universal brain. We are a macrocosm of cells yet a microcosm of the universe. Everything repeats on different levels, thus the saying “as above, so below.”

On the human level, our brain is both a receiver and transmitter of thought. But our bodies and brains aren’t the only things that define us. Our thought is a microcosm of fractal repetitions of this pattern. Now science has started recognizing new levels of thought-producing capabilities as well. Each of these possible levels of thought are merely differently tuned receivers and transmitters of some underlying universal energy.

Science is now starting to find signs of consciousness beyond what was previously thought. The more we look, the more we find out about our surroundings and how we interact with them. We find our connection to higher levels. We learn about the true nature of ourselves – the true nature of the universe. We bridge awareness by eliminating false assumptions created by limited perception. We are a uniform non-dimensional consciousness pervading the universe and even time itself. Simply, we are pure thought. Our physicality is just a technicality!

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