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wp-1480643713764.jpgJust in time for the holiday season! Act now and receive the gift of knowledge. The book that revolutionizes our modern view of the universe and how its ascension mirrors your own process is being given away to the next 1,000 subscribers  Here's what people are saying about Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse:

""I have an all new level of respect and appreciation for David's incredible thirst of understanding and endless well of questions he is asking. His model of the Omniverse is powerful and deserves absolute attention from the scientific community around the study of the universe and beyond."

— Guy Brilando, Author and Owner/President of Viper Marketing Group

"An ambitious debut blends science and philosophy to propose an origin for the Big Bang. In this work, Bertolacci seeks to present a proposal that will become “a theory to describe the universe as a whole,” ... it has inestimable importance and mystery... From this starting point, the author leads the reader through the varied concepts and pieces of evidence that form our current understanding of the cosmos, attempting to fit them together in a jigsaw puzzle that will reveal...well, everything. A geologist, Bertolacci is a self-admitted outsider to the field of astrophysics, though he demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of its history and contemporary landscape. He writes in a concise prose... explaining complex concepts with fluidity and a contagious joie de vivre.... Whether the scientific community embraces his offer remains to be seen—the volume features pockets of New Age spiritualism... readers more interested in broad ideas than in specialized research should find much in the work to excite, provoke, and confound them. An inspired, if highly speculative, book that examines diverse concepts to explain the universe."

— Kirkus Indie Reviews

Not bad for something you'll be getting for FREE! Here's how:

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