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We spend most of our lives being conditioned. It’s everywhere. We are conditioned by our families, friends, schools, governments, religions, even social media! Seems like everybody has some idea for you on how you should think. How you should act. Sometime however, we wake up and shed away the layers of conditioning like a child running naked through the streets. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Let’s go!


This isn’t an exercise of ‘how to’ do anything. This is just us kids having fun. So let’s shed those layers! Isn’t it amazing that we can actually be ourselves in such a way that we don’t need anything else to be happy? It turns out everything we need is within! Infinite beauty, knowledge, and love are simply what we are!  And even more…

Each of us is a vessel with which miracles happen through us. Repeat this statement out loud and tell me if you notice anything about yourself. Ask yourself if you believe this to be an absolute truth. If you felt uneasy in any way, that’s ok! It’s not the easiest concept to grasp in my opinion, which is why I met this statement with skepticism. But I realized something with my skepticism. I actually got skeptical about the skepticism too. I dissected my own thoughts to find out where they were coming from. As it turns out, my brain was looping beliefs that I had learned – and they were not even my own thoughts!

My block was formed as a result of conditioning I had received as a child. So I wondered, if it is possible to be programmed to believe or disbelieve just about anything, how can I empower myself and others to identify negative programs and replace them with programs for the highest and best good for the progression of the spirit within? And simply asking the question created the space for the answer to come. Just like the expression says, we are a vessel with which the miracle flows. So, by asking the question, I allowed the vessel to be empty, creating space for the answer to literally flow through.

When I looked into the mind – the field of thought – I ventured beyond the limitations of the brain. Meanwhile, the brain was hard at work creating new neural pathways as the programs were literally rewritten. And that’s a miracle! In the not-so-distant past, it was thought that your neural pathways are hard-wired. It turns out even science was dishing out limiting beliefs, simply because we hadn’t yet observed physical evidence to the contrary. But it was still happening under our radar! Now we know the brain is malleable. New neural pathways are written as we take in new data. This is the new science. And we’re learning more every day. We are bridging science and spirituality. Miracles do happen through us!

So now the question is this: How deep does the programming of limiting beliefs go? What if I could show you that identifying and transmuting such beliefs can be done in even more empowering ways with ease? There really is no right or wrong way here. This is an automatic process that the mind handles. Think of the mind as analogous to the higher self. It handles the programs out in cyberspace, attracting the ones that align yourself with your higher purpose and writing the code into the wiring of the brain. To identify a limiting belief, ask yourself whether the brain is looping from the past and projecting to the future. Simply be present.The rest is automatic.

I found myself practicing this exercise before I even knew it. I started meditating, and all of a sudden, ideas in my mind about how the universe was born started making their way to paper. I wrote a book with a scientific proposal that explained where the universe comes from before the Big Bang, and might also explain the very nature of dark energy – the enigmatic force that causes expansion of space. Much like the universe, space was being created as my mind expanded. I found myself entering a spiritual journey. I explored topic like the inner child, or higher self. Remember that kid who wants to shed his or her layers and run free? I explored the concept of angels as higher orders of thought. I explored the concept of limiting beliefs and aligning them with a simple pole shift. Like walking a tight rope with a pole to balance, I found the trick to balancing the beliefs.

As I embraced my new path, my book Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse  was released in late 2014, a children’s book covering the topics was written, and a third book was started. I started feeling even better about everything as I felt like I was vibrating higher and higher. And while my life was turned upside-down as I encountered my own personal turmoil, I found myself aligned with others on the same path. Now I’m studying Theta Healing and Neurolinguistic Programming – both ways to reprogram the mind for the highest and best good.

All of this happened simply by asking questions. It started with the question, what happened before the Big Bang? That one question created the space for the miracle that is my life right here and now! By the way, do you know who said that quote about miracles? It was in the 1970s when Jesus was channeled, and this became the Course in Miracles. Channeled huh? Ask yourself if this identified a block. How so? And so it has begun…


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