From Zero to Universe with One Weird Trick

Science and religion have always agreed one one simple law of the universe: It was created. Religion focuses on who created it, and science discusses how the universe was created. Other than that, our knowledge of creation is basically the same. First there was nothing, then the universe was created. This is a case of old age wisdom providing the premise for modern science to be able to observe creation. And that we have!

After several missions observing cosmic microwave background and possibly even gravitational waves from the very beginning of time, we can explain how creation happened. And it all starts with a singularity – a point particle. Zero dimensions and a size smaller than can be measured or predicted. It is a Planck length across, which is less than 10 to the power of -35 meters. It is small enough to amply fit inside the space inside the smallest known subatomic particles!

And in an instant, everything changed. The universe simply decided to be! Scientific reasoning has led us to believe that the singularity was not stable and therefore, the Big Bang happened. At this point, known as time zero, the fabric of space unfolded faster than the speed of light. This is known as inflation. If the observed gravitational waves are confirmed, inflation is real. Inflation is a very rapid expansion of space – the ‘bang’ of the Big Bang. But don’t confuse the Big Bang with an explosion. This is creation in action causing a uniform bubble universe which then continues to expand as it builds light and matter – including us!

But wait, if the singularity that became the Big Bang was unstable, how was it there in the first place? Until now, nobody has questioned what happened before creation. I am releasing a book entitled Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse proposing a scientific framework to answer this – because the current understanding presents a scientific impossibility. Conditions must have been able to create a stable singularity before something changed and caused its instability! Even today’s top scientists like Steven Hawking admit that the Big Bang Theory is incomplete. The Omniverse is the omni-present big picture of our universe that explains what happened before time zero and why our singularity became unstable.

How is it possible for the universe to create conditions in which it is unstable, birthing the Big Bang? Here’s the universe’s trick up its sleeve – the secrets of the cosmos revealed. As it turns out, it is similar to a monumental discovery in particle physics – the Higgs mechanism. This is the process by which a particle interacts with a field of pure energy (the Higgs field) and gains mass via contact with the Higgs boson, The trick we don’t yet know involves this Higgs field. We know it is like a magnetic field but everywhere in the universe. But we don’t know how it started, because at one point of creation, matter didn’t have mass yet.

So what happened? In the Omniverse model, the universe is the singularity responding to changing conditions – an energy transfer. It goes from a high energy field (powerful enough to keep it stable) into a lower energy field where its reaction causes it to gain space. Is this how the Higgs field was turned on in our universe?

The Big Bang becomes the preferred energy state, creation happens, and we exist as a universe. It is just that simple! But there’s still much more to the picture! So much more in fact, that my proposal only scratches the surface. I’m turning it over to this world’s greatest minds to create a new avenue of exploration! And here’s a little taste of what we might find: When the singularity – our universe – goes into the low energy field creating space in an instant, it literally splashes through the barrier! This creates ripples in space. Inflation’s gravitational waves may be a function of this ripple effect. We might already be observing the Omniverse without knowing it! But now, everything we know about our universe is about to change!

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I will leave you with this: You are this creation! The singularity is within every subatomic particle and photon throughout the entire observable universe. In other words, the universe is within.

The new book is coming!!! Stay tuned for the upcoming press release!

The universe has something it wants you to know.

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