From Vibe to Vision

There's a secret the universe is unveiling to you every single brand new moment: The results you've gotten in your life up until now are exactly what you've manifested for your evolution. That means everything. All the times you've been dragged through the mud. All the toxic relationships. And also all the love you've received. All of the guidance. All of the angels hiding in plain sight to keep you going. That does not mean that you have to accept the bad to get the good. Fuck that--we're here to transform that shit! It goes way deeper, and it's all good! The universe is showing you your core values. And for every "bad" experience, the universe wants to show you that you aren't yet in perfect alignment with your values. With practice, that can change! Here's how...

You, my dear, vibrate with harmonic frequencies. The very nature of harmonics means that some waves amplify while others cancel. This results in spots within a visible spectrum of light that look like black lines in a rainbow. Scientists use this to determine the chemical makeup of objects in our solar system and beyond. And I see it in your soul. 

You are uniquely you, and your soul is beautiful my dear. And so your work is to analyze yourself to see where your vibe attracts, pulling you toward your purpose, or repels, pushing you away from something unwanted (psst that still attracts what is unwanted). Your spectrum is your vibe. You create the vision of the spectrum you wish to illuminate this world with! And that changes everything

Your vibe becomes your vision.

You see what you want to see in this world because your subconscious is filtering the results based on those core values of yours. That means two things: you experience joy when the values amplify, and you experience negativity when a value is crossed.

What makes you angry? This is telling you what your values are. But instead of manifesting discordant harmonies, all you have to do is be present to your core values, and that alone flips the switch to manifest joy. So wouldn't you want to dive into that subconscious of yours to see your values to align yourself for manifesting everything your heart desires to move you forward on your journey?

What is it that you desire to manifest right now? Is it your own business? Abundance of money? Love? Better relationships with friends and family? Or simply a better version of you?

This is all possible!

You can analyze your vibe. You can realign and change what you're manifesting in the now. Instantly. Knowing that your sources of pain can come from your own expectations and attachments, the first step is leering that shit go. And it feels good knowing is really that simple, right?

Next you can harness the power of your own breath to do some spring cleaning in your energy centers. This makes way for the natural flow of unconditional universal love to permeate every grain of your existence. Empty is a good thing in this new light of awareness, yes? Awww yea.

And then, you align your values. As you do this work on yourself, you'll see exactly why you've manifested what you've manifested in your past up until now, and your values will change for the better.

Now, you get to program the universe with your positive values. This changes what you see in your map of reality and what you attract. You literally give your values to the universe as you create reality for you. You create new possibilities. You create new universes. You create a better now! And it's good to know that it's all within reach right here and now, isn't it? 


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