Fruit of the Womb

When consciousness arises through us and we become heart-centered, our perception changes. Everything changes! This is pure creation. You speak into existence that which you manifest with loving gratitude. This is the seed of consciousness now in full bloom.

What happens next is the fruit of the womb. The fruit is the ever-expanding universe of consciousness. This expansion is a perpetual motion machine! The universe never stops expanding. In fact, expansion accelerates. The same happens in our frequency of consciousness. After the seed is planted, sprouted, and blossomed, the fruit emerges. It is simply your ability to love. So let go of that which no longer serves you…


Our physical universe is experiencing this phenomenon through us. In a quantum system where all time exists, all possibilities if location exist, and everything is entangled, all is one. That is the seed! It is a singularity. The universe is not the only part of the big picture. There’s so much more. There’s fertile ground in which the seed is planted. This is the Omniverse.

Within the Omniverse, there is a white hole that is pure energy. Enough energy to keep our singularity stable. This is where the seed is planted and sprouted. Like a lotus flower growing from the swamp, the seed must overcome its surroundings. The lotus flower rises from the earth unsoiled. When it reaches the surface, only then can it bloom. It is the same with us. We are the singularity, and when it reaches the event horizon of the white hole, the Big Bang happens!

That’s when the universe blossoms just like the lotus flower. And even though it may seem like the end, it is just the beginning. Everything we know about the universe starts right here. That means life, as we know it, is just being fertilized in the young universal womb. Life is the fruit. And life is sweet. Life is fulfilling. And best yet, life supports life. Everything we could ever possibly need is right here, right now. Always!

As life cycles, the fruit tree evolves. The universe is a living being of pure love. Pure beauty beyond our current perceptive barriers. And guess what – you are the universe, in its entirety, within every single bit of the coded information that you are. Every stand of DNA. Every protein molecule. Every atom, every quark and every photon. Love the body you’re in! And tap into that pure consciousness every chance you get by releasing the chatter in your mind, the past you hold onto, and the future of uncertainty you fear. Just let it go, and let it grow!

Thanks for reading and sharing!


Love the universe you’re in!

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