Fuck the Nice Guy (Said No One Ever)

What can you possibly imagine if we were able to overcome "nice guy syndrome?" We have the technology. We can rebuild better, stronger... You were born human, yes?  But you didn't become human overnight! You are the process of your own evolution. There's an eternity of time with which to create your life right here and now! In doing so, you'll see yourself revealed in new ways like the many facets of a beautiful crystal. And this one shift in perception will completely blow your mind. BREAKTHROUGH !!!


Every good story has a beginning and an end. You don't read a book or see a movie just to watch a character that stays the same, right? Now, envision putting yourself up on that big screen. Rewind. Fast forward. Review the scenes, taking note of how you've changed. And now, this is going to put a whole new perspective on everything you just watched. 
This is about the nice guy stereotype. It's a helluva thing to overcome. Yet at the same time, transcending this turns everything into miracles! The nice guy really is a wonderful combination of positive attributes. He's giving. He's carrying. He's loving. And what woman doesn't want that? 

Somehow though, the nice guy becomes more than just a stereotype. It's an archetype--a powerful consciousness template. But it's disempowering. The nice guy is often perceived as a weakness. Too much of a good thing is often overlooked. And every single why will be explained as we view the ascension process...

First of all, there can never be too much of a good thing. That's a perception block and a sign of lack of rapport. You've got to recognize people's experiences and needs and communicate into that first. Step one. Learn to communicate. Recognize their reality. Let your words and actions complement their reality. 

One of the most common traits of the nice guy is that he's a giver. And here's where it starts to go wrong. All giving is not a balanced approach. And to often it's accompanied with attachments and expectations. Step 2. Release attachments. Just let it go! What you're holding onto is what's holding you back. It's ok to love. Because the nice guy is a lover. A damn good one. That gets better just by letting go of attachments. 

How many times have guys done things only to expect something in return? Yea, it happens alot! It's not only nice guys that do this. Everyone can benefit from this. Step 3. Release expectations. Life is actually much better without expecting something from someone. Here's why. Expectations narrow the possibilities of what can and can't happen. That limits your frame of reference. Break free of those self-imposed limitations! 

Every nice guy has a relapse. It happens. We turn  into assholes with anger management problems sometimes. Straight outta nowhere. That's from the imbalance. And it comes out in different ways. Standing up for yourself. Being protective. Being safe and making your partner feel safe. Again, all good things women want, right? Then let it out! Step 4. Release the animal. That's right! You have passion. You have raging hormones. Honor and acknowledge that. Time to let it out of the cage. But know that relapsing to an asshole because you think that's what women want will put your animal back in its cage. Be free as you--not what society wants you to be. Honor your animal to put your best, most authentic self forward. 


Next, you'll tackle some very subtle personality traits. When the nice guy needs to be loved, we'll it's just needy, right?  Where's that come from? Fear of rejection? Not wanting to be alone? Your subconscious is taking that and delivering what you're asking for--rejection and loneliness. This is what you are projecting to others, and they can read you like a book! Before you get stuck in self pity, this one is so fucking easy to overcome. Step 5. Know what you need. Being needy and knowing what you need are so close yet so far! Start a manifestation list. Write down your desires and needs. Next start a new column and write down everything you love about yourself. How do they compare? 

The absolute truth is that the nice guy archetype is the lesser of another. A predecessor. A necessary step for many on the path of personal evolution. What's next? When you transcend these steps, you are becoming a conscious man. Or woman. I know lots of women who think they're too nice. You can do these same steps. You are becoming an evolved wo/man. It's a process. It's your story. So tell your story without being held by your story. This is your evolution after all. Wouldn't you rather keep going than pause the movie on the worst part? Keep playing. 

And now, in this brand new moment, you're seeing how to find that balance, yes? Everything being released is attracting new energy. New interactions with new people. Take notice of how old patterns play out with new outcomes as you have literally changed the playing field in this game. 

Are you ready for what's next? The universe is literally throwing itself at you. Even more infinite possibilities! It's not a reward. It's a response. You've got to know how to handle it so you follow new empowering habits. The nice guy is giving. Very giving. But how receptive are you? You are going to be tested on this. The nice guy is always there for people. Helping. Rescuing. Even healing. Wow that sounds bomb, right? Nope. That's toxic. The nice guy will turn into a vampire and suck your energy. You've gotta transcend this. Step 6. Receive. It's really as simple as that. Being open to receiving blocks patterns of self sabotage and rewrites new destinies! Be willing to ask for what you want. Notice how things turned out when you didn't vs when you are right now. This changes everything

Now, here's a question for the opposite sex: What have you been attracting in life? What do you perceive as weakness vs strength? Your subconscious is just as powerful doing the same things to attract what you're projecting. So why do you keep falling for the asshole? Because you asked that question, that's why. A rescuer needs a victim. Your thoughts and actions can either prolong the toxic relationship with the nice guy (or less than nice guy) or transcend your limitations and boundaries! 

The last step is for us all. Because we are evolving together. No one's gonna do it for you. That's not empowering. Step 7. Embrace vulnerability. We're all fucked up. And the most beautiful part of evolving together is that we support one another. We empower each other. To do this you have to recognize that you've been hurt. You gotta have a desire to heal! Or you can just sweep it all under a carpet and go back to the way you once were. Awww hell no! I ain't doing shit for you, but I sure as hell will keep pushing you in the direction of your evolution! I'll show you the door, but you have to walk through it. And then I'll smack your ass. 😉 

And so you want an evolved partner? Then you must first find this within yourself. Love yourself! This is how you overcome the toxic relationships in life as you acknowledge that they have served you in the past up until now. And now you're evolving into the next higher vibrational archetypes as you shift your perception. So when you come together as conscious partners, get ready for the best sex of your life! Yea it does get better. 

When you're ready (whenever that is will be the perfect time for you), simply float back from the screen you were watching and infusing with all of these empowering attributes. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 


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