Global Warmng, Universal Freezing, and Death by Higgs

Humans are obsessed with endings!  Everything’s a crisis these days.  One glance into our media’s eyes shows us the hype surrounding climate change and how it affects the Earth.  Countless scientific papers have been written on the subject predicting our demise by global warming and/or superstorms – always good for another disaster movie.

And then there’s universal cooling.  This is the predicted demise as a consequence of the accelerating expansion of the universe.  Basically, all of  matter moves apart from all other matter as temperatures in the universe decrease.  But now, there’s a new catasptrophe predicted by the findings of the Higgs discovery in 2012.  The good news is this ending won’t happen until 10 billion years or so.  As we humans say, we’ll be extinct long before then.

Why do we only see the ending scenarios?  Humans are born, live, and die.  We see clouds of gas in the universe become stars and planets.  Everything decays, and we measure it as time.  Life on our planet comes and goes throughout history, and even our planet will be swallowed by our Sun someday.  The Sun will cease to exist as well.  So by experience, we look at the limitations of our physical surroundings. 

Is this the end or a new beginning, such as the birth of a black hole?  Do our collective experiences get stored as information within this system?  What happens to black holes when the universe expands?  While everything may seem to end from our perspective, each ending can be a new beginning. Stars are resurrected as black holes are born.  The same can be said for the entire universe!

Our universe is part of something bigger.  Since the inception of the Big Bang, our universe lies within the habitable zone of the Omniverse.  As the universe expands evenly across the event horizon of the Omniverse, it appears to us that the universe expands in all directions.  Thus, information in the system is never lost.  Our “ending” is merely preparing the breeding ground for other universes to be born.  Like turning on a holographic projection, our universe’s primordial soup is the matrix of pixels which can turn on at will.  By viewing all possible points of decay of the system, one can see all time and realize that there is no true end, but only growth.  Make it yours!



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