Here’s some omniversal reasoning on why to give thanks.  Gratitude is an energy of giving back to the universe.  Biological life is a form of the physical manifestation of the universe created to perceive the surroundings and become aware of itself.  Sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it?  What it means is this: you are the universe, and your purpose is to perceive and awaken to your surroundings. It’s why we feel thankful to be here in the present!  But there’s more to give thanks for!

Biological life is in the “Goldilocks zone” or habitable zone of the solar system.  This is where conditions are perfect for the creation of a water world like Earth, with an atmosphere that protects from the Sun’s cosmic rays.  This perfect mix of conditions lets life thrive on our planet, and the possibilities for other planets to host life are infinite.  In a recent study, it was estimated that 8.8 billion habitable planets could be found in our Milky Way galaxy alone.  In addition, our solar system exists in the perfect Goldilocks zone in our galaxy, out on a finger where gravitational and rotational forces are relatively balanced.

The center of the galaxy is host to another life form – the supermassive black hole.  It can consume at will, possibly showing some sort of intelligence.  It is a window to the universe as a whole.  In fact, black holes share an important property with the universe.  Both are singularities.  When one understands the nature of the singularity, an understanding of quantum entanglement is natural.  With this, one realizes that everything in the universe is connected.  This is how to be one with the universe.

This is you!  you are the universe.  But I have one more revelation of knowledge for you to be thankful for.  The universe came from something bigger before the singularity became the Inflationary Big Bang.  This is the Omniverse.  It is the source of infinite singularities – infinity to the power of infinity!  But our singularity is also in the Omniverse’s perfect habitable zone.  In this Goldilocks zone, the pre-Big Bang singularity’s ascension is the pathway to create a living universe.  In this universe, stars are born and reproduce.  Stars die and form heavier elements in their wake, and when new stars form, they create solar systems like ours.  We are the afterlife of stars!  The other type of afterlife, the black hole, creates gravity wells that create the law of attraction forming galaxies.  This is the perfect mix for biological life to perceive our surroundings, awaken, and become aware of what we really are.  This is why we give thanks!  That and for reading my blog.

Thank you, and enjoy your Thanksgiving.  Please check out Omniverse on fb and go to for upcoming book news or to download the FREE white paper.


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