Gravity Branes and the Omniverse

While doing background research for my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse (coming soon!!!!!), I came across an explanation for gravity’s strength, or lack thereof, using higher dimensions.  I found this very interesting, since I was using higher dimensions to explain the Omniverse model.  Specifically, in the higher dimensions, I explain the underlying forces that become gravity and repulsion (dark energy) in our universe.

Lisa Randall wrote about the Hierarchy Problem in Warped Passages (2006), explaining why gravity is weaker in our universe than the other forces: electromagnetism, weak, and strong nuclear force.  Using concepts from M-Theory known as branes, or membranes with 2 or more dimensions, she explains how gravity is strong in one brane and weakens in the other brane.  The weak brane is our universe with 4 dimensions.  The space in between the gravity brane and the weak brane is the 5th dimension.  They only need to be separated by a Planck length, so it is literally a parallel universe that is right next to every particle in ours.

Now we have the Omniverse model entering into our reality.  This involves more than just gravity – it involves a singularity (like a black hole) that is our entire universe before the Big Bang happens.  Using higher dimensional space, I proposed that the singularity is held stable in a strong field, but on the other side of the Omniverse’s event horizon, that energy is weaker, thus allowing the Inflationary Big Bang to unfold.  This is just one of the many parallels I found when the Omniverse came to me.  This model is similar to Randall’s description using 2 branes.  The Source of the singularity is like a white hole, similar to the strong brane.  Beyond its event horizon is the weak brane – our universe.

Here is a take-away to this: There is more to the universe than humans currently understand.  Much more.  Parallel universes and higher dimensions are now reality.  With the Omniverse, we will see that the entire universe is an integral part of a larger structure.  The beauty of the Omniverse is that most observations agree with it – and it doesn’t contradict Einstein’s theories.  Out of all my research, the only argument I made is to Hawking’s assertion that events before the Big Bang would have no consequence to our current understanding of the universe.  The Omniverse shows what happens before the Big Bang and even gives an explanation of why the universe is expanding – a question that modern physics hasn’t answered yet.

Change your perspective, change your universe.  Your new knowledge will literally shape the universe around you.  You will understand how we are a physical manifestation of a singularity when you read my book.  Thank you!

Imageart by Taylor Allen Photography

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