Hall of Mirrors

Visualize yourself in a grand hall of mirrors. You are completely surrounded by mirrors. No light escapes, and everything is reflected back from every angle. As you see the reflections of yourself, the colors become more vivid. The images become sharper. Now imagine that this hall of mirrors also amplifies anything you say, echoing back your words. Your speech embodies more clarity and confidence. Your words have power. Your actions, as you see and hear them in the mirrors, become aligned with pure intention. Does such a place exist? Hmmmm…


This hall of mirrors is our very universe! How much we choose to be able to perceive depends on our level of awareness. When our perspective is expanded, we literally see things in a whole new light. Until we can step beyond our windows of perception, the universe we see is only a function of our ability to see. To look beyond is to see the utmost beauty of this creation – this ever-evolving bubble of pure love that we live in. Love the universe you’re in. It keeps getting better all the time! As our consciousness expands, so does the universe.

We happen to be right where we are at just the right time. Science is converging with ancient knowledge of our world and the universe. Parallel universes, long thought to be science fiction, are revealing themselves as the infinite possibilities in this ever-present field of energy. Our bodies navigate across the entire universe every time we move. As sentient consciousness, we navigate the infinite parallels when we make decisions toward our divine life purpose’s fulfillment. We present ourselves with obstacles and challenges  in which we must overcome, just as a lotus flower must overcome its surroundings to reach above the surface of water and blossom. This is the science of enlightenment!

When we ask a question, we create space. This is a very profound universal truth. We create space. This cannot violate the laws of physics because only energy cannot be created or destroyed. Space, on the other hand, can be created and expanded at will. In the very beginning of what we know to be our timeline, space unfolded in an instant at the point in which our singularity became unstable. Even better, space actually expanded faster than the speed of light! Once space unfolded, it bacame the media for energy to permeate it. The universe filled the space with pure energy. We witness this miracle as we observe closer and closer to the beginning of time as we know it using cosmic microwave background and gravity ripples. While still under great scrutiny and scientific debate, this inflationary Big Bang model is the best description to date explaining how space unfolded, creating our universe evolving from space to energy to matter and light, dark matter and dark energy..

My work attempts to fill in the gaps before and after our current window of perception of this Big Bang based on our knowledge and recent observations. But in my study and writing of Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, I came across many profound blessings that give real meaning and substance to the powerful experience of living. These blessings affect us every day of our lives – if our minds and hearts are open to them. I found enlightenment in the work I now know was simply channeling through me. And it is my purpose to bring this to every beautiful living soul.

Creation of space is one such miracle. Every time we ask a question, we create space for the universe to bring the answer. Like in the beginning of our perceived timeline of events, space just unfolds itself onto the canvas of reality. The universal consciousness first asked a simple question that resulted in the space created by the inflationary Big Bang. And we do this ourselves every day! Our questions create space, and like the Big Bang, the universe then fills this space with energy. Energy becomes a field. This field can be transmuted into matter, light, and other forms of energy. This is how our galaxies were created. This is how our lives are created. All we have to do is trust the process.

The process of creating space is dependent on our intentions, our language, and the love we embody. We create the intention in this bubble of space. This intention is the seed of consciousness in this bubble, attracting the underlying energy that permeates space. This attraction calls forth the intentions we set and mirror them back to us. Just like our grand hall of mirrors, we receive what we put out into this field. We receive what we give. We receive unbiased, unfiltered results based on what we ask for. This is how the universe works! It is the hall of mirrors. As we expand our awareness and focus our intentions, we get what we give. This is why I give love. That’s my Big Bang of consciousness. What is yours?

Thank you very much for reading and sharing the possibilities of infinity.


Change your perspective, change your universe!

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