Like 12/21/2012, the start of 2013 brings us to a new cycle of time.

What is time? We use time to measure cycles, which are broken down to repeating events. In a cycle, we can observe something GROW! And in a cycle, everything has a DECAY, like growing old. When we decay, we get old and tired. We also see decay all around us: planets’ orbits decay as they slowly fall towards their sun. Even atoms decay by losing an electron, proton, or neutron.

So, TIME IS MEASUREMENT OF DECAY. In fact, we currently keep time with an atomic clock that measured the radioactive decay of an atom.

Is time always the same? We might think so, but it’s not! Time varies. Einstein’s Relativity shows that as an object moves faster, its time (or decay) slows relative to an object moving slower or standing still. This was proved with 2 atomic clocks – one in a plane and one on the ground.

So if time is relative, we can have varying rates of decay. Does this mean we can go back in time? This would mean we would have negative decay, which violates ENTROPY (when something goes from a state of order to a state of disorder). BUT, according to quantum physics, all possible states of decay EXIST, meaning that all time exists!

In summary, time is measurement of decay, decay is relative, and all possible states of decay exist.

As we bring in 2013, let our awareness grow and how we see the universe will grow as well. This is part of a cycle of our MIND growing!  Remember, you are the sum or your cycle of time, not a part of it!  There will be much more to come when Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse is on bookshelves! 2013 will bring a greater awareness of the OMNIVERSE! And a new age of discovery. Welcome to your universe!


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