Heart Awakening

When you have the power to fully embrace your love from within so much so that your touch awakens this power in others, you have reached a colossal amount of awesomeness! There is a process, known as heart awakening, that amps up your capacity to love and heal to infinite levels. 



To do so, you will be guided through a process to prepare you. This process is called life. Your custom experience guarantees you the lessons you sign up for. How you navigate these lessons is your choice. How you deliver these lessons is your choice. And how you grow from your lessons is your choice. So you see, from designing to choosing, you have a lot of power over this process. 

Oh wait, did you give some of that power away? Did you allow something or someone to ever make you feel completely empowered? It's ok, we have all done this before. Here's how to get your power back:

Number 1 - Forgiveness. Forgiving others facilitates letting go, allowing you to bring your power back. You are relinquishing their grip on you. Forgiving yourself is even more powerful. You are unstoppable with this secret power. 

2 - Embrace vulnerability. This is what makes you strong. It might seem backwards, but allowing experiences to strengthen you is actually what built your walls. Those aren't for protecting you from the outside. They're to keep what's inside they're until you're ready to deal with it. Block by block, walls come down. Being vulnerable is what makes it happen by allowing the natural flow of energy to occur as you embrace your emotions coming up. All of them. You'll feel more. More good than ever before. You'll open yourself up to new possibilities as your soul literally attracts new outcomes along better paths in life. Surrender into this process. You'll be glad you did. 

3 - Karmic cleansing. When's the last time you did a life review? That's right, you can do this any time. Our typical belief systems may have a life review at the end of life. But you can do this whenever you want! And the results you get are amazing. You get to close of any chapters of your life that are done, opening up to a whole new story that you are writing. 

4 - String cutting. You already know the power of releasing attachments, don't you? But did you know steering cutting can also be used to cut expectations? letting go of expectations will liberate your soul! You can take this practice as deep as you need to. 

5 - The beacon of light. This is a powerful way to continue the string cutting on a deeper level. Imagining a light from your head like a super bright beacon (think of a lighthouse), you attract all of the pieces of you that others have held onto in the past up until now. And now, every bit of power you ever gave away recirculates and comes back to you exponentially greater! This is the natural way. All you need is to be ready. 

6 - Touch. Touch is simply amazing. It can be intimate and friendly. A simple hug. Cuddling. Even sexual contact. You know why? This makes your awareness heart-centered. And I got science to back it! Touch first stimulates the nerves. It initiates a response and sends a signal through your neural pathways, bringing up memories and associations within the brain. The brain then sends biochemical signals (aka hormones) that circulate throughout the body, further stimulating the experience. And what circulates it? The heart! That's why the area touched becomes alive with increased circulation, and the heart's rhythm changes as the sensation amplifies to ecstatic proportions!


The heart's flow of life is analogous to the universal flow of energy. Life is a flow. And emotions are part of this flow. The process of heart awakening allows emotions to flow and you to step into a heart-centered life. Imagine seeing yourself up on a screen as you go through the steps opening yourself up to living as love. And now when the time is perfect, and whenever that is will be the right time for you, visualize yourself stepping into the you on the screen. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 


As an added bonus, I'll work on guiding all of these processes in an intensive meditation and healing package that combines theta healing and NLP. Soon to be announced! 


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