Here’s Why We Haven’t Found Aliens (It’s Not What You’d Expect)

The search for extraterrestrial life is going on in more ways today then ever before. Radio signals, planet hunting, and now even laser light pulses we are searching for. All the world’s computing power is crunching away at massive amounts of data brought in every single brand new moment. And now all kinds of experts are speaking up about the chances of us actually finding a signal.

But there’s a time dilemma…

Radio waves and light must follow the speed of light. So if a planet is far away, we’re observing its past. If it’s 10 million light years away, it takes 10 million years for its light and radio waves to get here. What we see through are telescopes is a snapshot of this planet’s evolution from 10 million years ago.

The universe is about 14 billion years old. Earth is 4.5 billion. Humanity began evolving about 2 million years ago, with modern humans starting nearly 400,000 years ago. That’s less than 0.01% of Earth’s history. It’s just a fraction of time. While it’s possible for us to observe another planet who experienced a similar evolution 10 million years ago, the chances of that happening are smaller.

That’s why we must learn to observe entire timelines.

The best way to solve a time dilemma is to timeshift. That is, to say, experience new perceptual positions in timelines. If that sounds weird, this will too: It’s actually an innate ability of the human senses to do just that. We have the ability to review our own lives’ memories, pausing, rewinding, and fast forwarding them. Our study of evolution uses this sense to view different stages of Earth’s growth and the universe too. It’s like going back in the past in consciousness to understand our biological roots. And our place in the universe.

With evolution, we’re taking fossil data on a timeline and visualizing life. Like filling in the dots. We’ve gotten a lot better now, with advanced DNA tracking. And even that’s about to get better with the next stage of the human genome project!

So imagine this: What if we could apply some faith in our ability to fill the dots in on a timeline? It’s more of a challenge now when you look at another planet, taking notice how the timeline draws itself with less data. Kinda like stepping out of your comfort zone? Good.

Because dropping expectations is exactly what you need to do.

All this time we’ve been expecting to find something. And that pushes away from finding it because you’re focused on not having the answer. You don’t learn from getting the answers though. You learn from questioning. Ask without expectations or attachments of any outcome, and the answers will come to you naturally.

Go there in consciousness. The dots will fill themselves in, and your sense will make sense out of it! Because you have help. Who is helping you? The universe is. Life is. Your connection–your higher self is. This is your consciousness. It is your connection to a greater awareness. All new perceptual positions. So instead of seeing with your eyes, trust your gut. Follow your heart. See what your pineal gland sees.

They will reveal themselves to you.

Scan your thoughts. How many of them are really your own? How many are what other people said or think of you? How about what environments feel like? You are picking up on things. That’s another one of your super senses. You can see, hear, and feel from beyond your normal senses. Silencing the mind allows you to effortlessly tap into your super senses.

And all you gotta to for that is to breathe! Practice meditation. It’ll give you all kinds of health benefits and calm your mind. Because you learn to let go. You release your blocks and surrender into every brand new moment with even more awareness. And awareness becomes something greater than you are. It’s simply presence. Connectedness. Consciousness.

You don’t simply find alien life. You connect to it.

Your consciousness offers you unlimited perceptual positions of awareness through time and space. It’s like quantum entanglement–everything’s connected instantaneously. You can access anytime, well, any time. Hey, now’s a good time!

The present contains the access code to eternal time. Just like in quantum physics when something travels a path that you observe, it’s actually talking all possible paths throughout the universe simultaneously. The human mind has to generalize from the infinite possibilities, distorting and even deleting in order to give you the picture that you perceive. Even a straight line. The universe’s timeline is the same. It’s all possibilities of time, past, present, and future. They want you to know this because they are helping you expand your entanglement to the consciousness that connects us. Yea, they’re here already.

And we can go there.

That’s where their guidance comes in handy. They’re using a connection and at the same time, teaching us to do the same. They’ve seen our evolution and our future, and they’re helping us evolve. And we’re doing the same for them. It’s no secret that evolution favors those who cooperate, not compete. Oh wait, unless you believe that evolution is survival of the fittest. Nope. There’s a perception shift–a reflection of the ideals and beliefs at the time Charles Darwin was alive. And it’s not the truth. New data overturned it.

That’s what’s happening on all fronts of your perception. You’re opening up to new data, overturning old scientific beliefs. Hell, a law on fluid motion in the Earth was just overturned this week. The next one being overturned is that alien life is biological like us.

Energy is alive and we’re just one specific form of it all bundled up nicely in little packets of matter. You’ll see it when you believe it. Because that’s how you’re programmed in the matrix. Do you see now how the time dilemma is an illusion? It was meant to be overcome in order for you to see the infinite possibilities of time and space.

And when you do, it’ll be the perfect time for you.

That’s why they’re helping you understand. We can go there in consciousness, yes, and what’s coming next is going to change everything in human space travel.

We’re the aliens.

Sometime in our near future we invented a time-warp drive. Instead of the way we thought warp drive to work, the time warp slows down time like the entrance of a black hole. Relativity breaks down at the event horizon, but before you get there matter and energy accelerate. By slowing time down in front of you, you automatically accelerate into a tunnel of space that’s created. Now there’s no distance between you and where you’re going.

This space-time tunnel protects the ship from breaking up into pure energy like a shield. By warping time, you warp the universe around you and fold space. This is how we got to their planet. When we did, we experienced their planet’s entire timeline just as they see ours. We were able to pause, rewind, and fast-forward time because we can observe all possibilities of the timeline. We can exist anywhere, anytime. And we can connect in consciousness.

We helped them evolve at some point in our future. We entered their realm of perception and experienced life through their eyes. We helped them build the same technology so we can enter the loop and observe ourselves in the same way. That’s why they’ve been here as energy beings. They exist here anywhere anytime. Just like us. But you’re not going to see them physically. You see them in consciousness using your higher senses. They’re showing us the way. Because life is life no matter what form. And we’re all in this together. We’re in this for good.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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