A Higher Consciousness. A Higher Calling.

Once we transcend our typical self-aware consciousness level, we experience a connection deeper than ever before, allowing instant access to even more of the vast field of infinite possibilities. And how do we accomplish this? We go within. Prepare yourself. As we enter new realms, our minds never go back the way they once were. We are going into realms of deeper awareness and built-in understanding of universal concepts like quantum physics and neuroscience.

First, there’s this: We’re programming. We are all written in universal code. Everything in consciousness levels one, two, and three are integral parts of the program. Now we can start to see the beauty behind the veil of illusion. This is the realm of knowing. The realm of operating in free space, intimately interacting with the fields of energy that we perceive as our surroundings. Welcome to your subconscious mind. It’s like your autonomic nervous system. With much more power to intuitively tap into the underlying energy of universal love.

The subconscious controls more than 95% of what we do. Yea, we think we’re in control, but we’re not. The subconscious is responsible for the wiring of our brains as we develop. Neural pathways are wired in our brains as we develop patterns of behavior, and we just follow them for the rest of our lives. Unless we don’t. Now we know through modern neuroscience that the brain is malleable. New neural pathways can be wired and old ones turned off. The brain can be hacked. The subconscious is the door that we can open when we recognize our patterns and want to grow beyond them. Sometimes to reach this point in our lives, we may feel like everything is crashing in. Just like stars, this is where life begins!


And this is where the subconscious begins. There are physical effects that are measurable in the brain and more. But we are traveling beyond the realm of the physical. If subconscious is programming, then what else is it capable of, and how does it interact with us? Our behavior is an example of interactions on a physical level. An important thing to realize is that the brain is not the source of consciousness, although most research has focused on physical and chemical changes in the brain.

This takes us to the concept of mind—the nonphysical extension of the brain. The mind is energetic and interacts with energy fields around it in the quantum realm. That might sound fancy, but it’s actually very simple: in quantum physics, everything we observe is basically a representation of all of the infinite possibilities. Our perception is basically a filter that narrows in on the most likely possibilities to give the brain information about its surroundings. Each of us has a different filter. A different reality. Yet, we’re still all part of the same energetic field. We are connected in this way, and we perceive separateness. Unless we don’t.

Imagine your body surrounded by a field of energy. It shields negative energies and carefully selects what energies to allow in. Do you know where else we see a mechanism like this? On our cell walls. As above, so below. The field of energy interacts with us through our perception filter as well as our body. It is the energy that makes up the collective of all of the cells in our body. And it goes much deeper. We have epigenetics to study the effects the environment has on programming our DNA. It was discovered that our genome is surrounded by a field of its own: methyl molecules that switched genes on and off. Genes don’t control our fate, like we once believed. We do. This halo around our genetic blueprint is also a physical interaction with the surrounding energies.

Now we see that harnessing the power of the fourth level results in the ability to reprogram our brains and to program our genetic expression. This is our next level of evolution. This is our higher calling. With love and gratitude, we grow into a more conscious being. Our mind is the part of us that is pure energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, only transmuted. It has been said that the part of us that doesn’t die is our soul. The subconscious mind is the window to our soul. This is why we look inward. When we quiet our mind, we are looking beyond the veil of illusion that our conscious mind pretends to be reality. We put the looking glass down and peer straight into the mirror, seeing ourselves like we really are.

This is how I came to the realization that love really does get felt in the heart—not just the chemical interactions in the brain. In the past, I was more head-centered. But when we study the heart, we find that it generates a measurable field of electromagnetic energy from the iron in our blood that was forged by stars. This field is far more powerful than our brain waves. It is also a reminder that there’s more to the picture. We are fields of energy extending outwards several meters from our bodies. Even a single electron field can have a circumference of a meter. Imagine how big we really are when we perceive nothing but energy. Next, we’re going even further into this concept, as we leave our bodies behind. Level 5 will blow your mind…



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