How Are You Showing Up?

Welcome to your new worldview, beautiful awakened truthseekers. Waking up to new levels of reality is happening to you right now, as you graciously accept new knowledge straight from the source – the universe itself, projected into every single force and matter particle that makes you. This universal thoughtstream presents itself to you as a download in which you become capable of remembering more of what is already known on every level inside you. As we peel the layers away, we find ourselves reborn. I am not the person I was yesterday. He no longer exists. I enter a new universe with every decision I make. I travel the universe within every movement of my body. I am the universe experiencing myself in the same way I gaze upon the mirror with my own eyes.

But before doing so, I set intentions. I invite us all to set intentions for the new day. Not expectations, just the space we intend to create for the universe to fill with its divine energy of love. Intentions can be statement of fact or voiced as positively empowering questions. How can I, in loving gratitude, serve others to gently awaken their fullest potential as I guide their transgression while being completely open to receiving even more love and abundance right now? Create your own intentions. Ask the universe…


Thank you. Your intentions are well received. Now let’s take it to the next level. Let us move forward with ease, taking positive action working towards our intentions. With the appropriate energy contribution, the universe delivers proportionately. So when I ask to set an intention, I am not saying that is all we must do. We are humans being, just as we are humans doing. Action is one of the ways that put energy into our intentions. Act with love in your heart, which is an open vessel with an outpouring of your love for others and an influx of universal love. Action sets things in motion, facilitating the natural flow of the universe.

Another important way to pay it forward with your intentions is the language you utilize. Let this language that you already know in every cell of your being guide you effortlessly on your journey of self discovery and awakening. Language holds the key to unlock the doors of the universes, allowing the natural flow to take place. Together with intentions and action, language completes the trifecta of manifestation. Say thanks to the universe, conveying your genuine loving gratitude.

So, if this is all it takes, tell me if manifestation has been working for you. Have you become a master of manifestation? When it comes to intentions, action, and language, how are you showing up? Are you stronger in one area? Have you ignored another area? Think about how this may have affected you in the past while knowing that recognizing this allows your brain to easily process it and create new neural pathways. These new neural links not only change the way you think about things, but they change how you perceive. And as the universal observer, your perception has the power to change all of the universes.

I say this to you not as the master of these techniques but as a fellow student. I can work with you, and as we do this together, I will guide you to be your own master. Ask yourself about how you have been showing up in the past. In my case, something was a little off in the past. I was heavily action-based, while also very frequently voicing my love in past relationships. Yet each has come to an early completion. I learned about how to show up even more authentic as a result. And I know that was a different version of me that no longer exists. Because you know that this is something you can and do improve upon each day. We are remembering together. I remember that my intentions were solely about giving – not receiving. So when you look to the past, just one last time, what do you see that can be improved upon? Now think ahead to the future, knowing that this knowledge is now fully integrated into your being, how have things changed? Amplify these changes. View them on a screen. Make the images brighter, crisper, and more colorful. Step ahead even further in the future. Now how do you see yourself showing up?

For a little bonus advanced teaching, here are a couple more things to know about intentions. First, with your intuition growing every day as you transgress the old you stepping into the new you, notice how people show up with their intentions first. If they are acting within a limited framework of intentions, recognize this. These are the boundaries they have set for themselves. And even if the intentions aren’t completely aligned with yours, you can always find a higher positive intention. Seek out the highest intention of others and you will act with the highest intention yourself. Second, realize that people do make mistakes. In any such situation, you need not seek out the intention. This often manifests itself as miscommunication if we attempt to read the intention from a mistake. In this case, we simply let go, realizing that our reaction was there to show us something within ourselves that triggered that reaction.

As a physical manifestation of the underlying divine energy of the universe within a perceptual timeline, look to the intentions of how our lives serve the grand purpose of universal love. Of enlightenment. Of your life’s path. Of your soul’s journey. Be open to receiving the answer. This is where you find your divine purpose – your call to action. And even though you already know what to do with this intention to serve in loving gratitude, now you remember that you have these tools built in to actively work towards your goals. You are a manifesting powerhouse now! So tell me now, how are you showing up?

Thanks for reading and sharing!



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