How to Channel

When your mind is ready, the answers come to you. That's why you're here right now. First the mind gives you the idea, and then science backs it. When electromagnetism was discovered, it revolutionized science. All kinds of field theories followed EM. It even lead to quantum physics. And now you know that you live in a quantum universe. Imagine finding that out. Or better yet, imagine what's next!

Back in the day, scientists were energizing a copper coil. It didn't do anything until there was something in place to channel that energy. That was simply an iron rod. By placing the rod inside the coil, this channel allowed for an electromagnetic field to be generated. Viola, the iron is now magnetic! The process even works in reverse to give us energy, like in generators that harvest electricity from motion.

Well, it turns out some of the next greatest discoveries are about to happen in the quantum realm. They're already confirming several new particles at the Large Hadron Collider. I know, I'm a geek—I get pretty excited about these things. Because there's real-world meaning for me and you. You can change everything on very subtle levels of consciousness. That's the gateway to the realm of pure energy...



Inside of you, your cells, your complex biomolecules, and even your atoms are subatomic particles. Inside those are even smaller ones. Inside those are energy. Yes, you my friend are a being of energy. At the very core, everything is energy. And it vibrates. Each different vibration results in different colors and flavors of the most basic building blocks. And a field that gives the physical properties of an observable particle in a snapshot of time. This is the best picture science has given us so far. And it's missing something...

First, go deeper. The new quantum information field studies the different flavors of vibrating energy as bits of information, like computer code. On this level, imagine knowing all of the properties of that vibration and the field it creates. And what if there's more than colors and flavors and fields? How do we describe it's particular dance? But the question I am prepared to ask is this: How did that energy get there in the first place? You see, the missing piece of the puzzle is completely invisible to particle physics. Because there's something that allows that energy to channel. Just like the iron core of an electromagnet. On the quantum scale, every single bit of energy is channelled through something.

That means there's an unknown invisible compnent to everything. One that makes everything possible. It is the bridge between the physical and beyond. Meanwhile, as science sets out to discover this, here's why it's relevant to you right here and now: It's connection is with space. Simple as that. Space is a fabric that conducts energy. But space is capable of so much more! It's a connection. The vastness of space is illusion. Because within space all things are connected energetically at the quantum level. And that means so are you as a whole!

Your consciousness is a product of the ability of the universe to connect all things, allowing information and energy to flow. Yup. Consciousness is flow. You are tapped in, dear ones. You are connected. You are intimately entangled with all that is—every bit of information. Your connection allows in just the information you need, while constantly maintaining a data stream from the whole. You are whole and complete! And your consciousness provides the magic of manifestation through the observer effect. At the time a particle is observed, it becomes manifest from a field of infinite possibilities. In other words, it dances in the way you see it. That means that you are the missing link in the equation. You are the channel. Like the iron rod that conducts energy, you are the physical conductor of all of the information. And that channel is how you see things. See how the reality you perceive is unique to you?



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