How To Create a Universe

I am in love with this universe. I see it. I feel it. I know it in every grain of my existence. And I'm divulging its secrets to help you accomplish your purpose in life! That's what the universe wants after all. 


Yes, I live in a fantasy world. I live in a universe of pure energy whereby at will, one can simply command this energy into presence and take physical form to lap up all of life's infinite pleasures and learnings. A universe of one underlying energy that is love of all things. A universe of space with which to create the life of our dreams. A universe of eternal time where past, present, and future can all be contextualized exactly as needed for our own growth and evolution as we learn about ourselves and the universe learns through us. A universe of dimensions that we can continually grow into as we evolve. A universe with nearly infinite parallels that are all possible outcomes of our lives right here and now. It's a fantasy alright... It's all made up in my head. But that's just how perception works! 

And in this fantasy, everything I've read about and all the discoveries made just keep providing evidence for the Omniverse. Gravity waves. Underlying energy. Fields that permeate all known space allowing energy to be transmuted into physical reality. These are the laws that make my fantasy real. But how real is it? Everything we think is real is merely the effect of energy transfer. Only the underlying energy is truly real. And that's love. This is why I say love is not what you do--it's what you are! 

My purpose is to show you this beauty of all that is. Come with me and see just how deep this rabbit hole goes. There's such beauty in the magnificent splendor of the universe, and knowing it means you recognize it within you. You are not in this universe--the universe is projected into every single grain of your existence! 

To start this journey, you will first let go of everything you think you are and of everything you think the universe is. You're much more than you've given yourself credit for in the past. And there's more to everything than what you've been told. So as  you will see, you're not really anything other than a witness. You get to witness all the miracles! Like how the Big Bang isn't really the beginning--it's your decision to wake up. 

Before the "beginning," you were still here. Only different. You were the universe in the womb. As you can see, all of the love and protection is provided. The womb is a positive energy that keeps the universe stable before the Big Bang. But once birthed, the universe can no longer hold itself in. All of the positive flowing energy that held it together is now fueling infinite expansion and time as space unfolds faster than light can shine. This is the new you!

And here's a bonus for your learning pleasure. As the universe, you're still a baby. You're still under 14 billion years and it'll be another 150 until your expansion takes you to the next level. Until then, there's a connection in the Omniverse much like an umbilical cord. All that expansive energy in you outweighs all other energies. This creates a natural flow. The eddies forming in these currents create pockets with which gravity is an effect of your everlasting expansion. With pockets of gravity, you can now take physical form with subatomic particles and force particles that attract and build upon each other as they interact with fields of energy permeating space. Atoms form, making clouds of gases, and then stars form and create heavier atoms that make planets and biological life. This is how you create life, just as life created you. And you get to witness this process! 

Welcome to the new you. You've witnessed beyond time and space, and you've seen yourself for who you truly are. You are love. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 


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